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coffee and juice

Breakfast in New York ~ The good, the bad & the ugly.

This is the first in a series of posts from New York, where I’m currently on Honeymoon. Our hotel was located in West Midtown, which was a great location, and didn’t include breakfast. Not to worry, there are plenty of places that do breakfast in New York. Starting our first complete day in The big … Read more


Everyday is a school day: A different technique for bread.

In my day job I travel around freelancing in other chef’s kitchens. Many view this as a kop out and that I do it because I can’t hack it any more. The truth is a very different bunch of reasons; the flexibility, the money and the exposure to new a different techniques & ideas (whilst … Read more


Talking points this week: No Shows & Doggy bags

There have been several talking points this week on the social media networks. The two main topics are issues that have been gathering pace within the industry for a number of recent years. They’re ‘No Shows’ and ‘Waste / doggy bags’, both frustrating to the hospitality industry and potentially financially damaging to restaurants. ‘No Shows’ … Read more


Twitter & Blaggergate

For those who don’t use Twitter, you’re either going to glaze over or completely ignore this post. Blaggergate has now been rumbling on since around the start of the month, and whilst many have written about this from several angles: breach of privacy; breach of Twitter TOS(terms of service); free speech and so the list … Read more


A few moves & new openings in the pipeline.

This week the British Chambers of Commerce signaled the biggest sign yet that the UK economy is returning to previous levels of growth, not seen since 2008. With the Hospitality sector at the leading edge of the growth curve, it is hardly surprising that several chefs are looking at new openings & opportunities. With Scotland … Read more


*UPDATED* Blogger meals, Twitter and the consequences –

Tonight I was going to do a different post, but as this subject is currently on my mind at the moment, it deserves to be aired. The subject is bloggers & restaurant meals. More and more, it seems, that an element of food bloggers are using their standing on the internet to pressurise the Hospitality … Read more

io shen header

Product review: IO Shen knives

I’ve known about IO Shen knives now for a number of years, primarily because of their effervescent sales director, Natalie McVeigh, via Twitter. I get approached to promote or review products more & more. Some companies want to supply content for my posts, and pay me for the privilege of using my site as a … Read more


Journalists who write about the relevance of Michelin.

Yet again this week a journalist has written about the relevance of the Michelin guide. Clearly these writers have nothing better to scribble about, other than a subject they know little about. The likes of William Sitwell & Jay Rayner, to my knowledge, have minimal front line experience of the French tyre maker’s guide, yet … Read more


Reviewed ~ The Restaurant Man: Russell Norman

For those of you who don’t know the name Russell Norman, let me explain who he is. Mr Norman is the brains behind the incredibly successful collection of restaurants such as: Polpo; da Polpo; Spuntino & others. They have long been the talk of London food bloggers & hipsters alike, for their breath of fresh … Read more

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