Politics & the Minimum wage in hospitality.

The current hot topic for all the political parties, possibly with the exception of UKIP, is the minimum wage. There’s no doubting that we all deserve a decent standard of living, the growth of food banks in recent years prove that austerity is biting at the most vulnerable in society. But how does the minimum … Read more


Robert Thompson to go solo

News has surfaced over the weekend that former Michelin star chef Robert Thompson is to open his own eatery. Located on the corner of Town lane & South street in Newport on his beloved Isle of Wight, telling one local media source: The building is fantastic and the first time I walking into the place, … Read more

weekend edition

The Weekend Edition

In a week which seemed to orientate around the US culinary scene: a flurry of stateside foodporn enter into my twitter time line, David Chang making a bit of u-turn on Ramen and #WannabeSlebChef being totally unprofessional, it’s been quite a busy week all told. #Foodporn As many of you will know, I follow Elizabeth … Read more

weekend edition

The Weekend Edition

In a week when we welcomed in April and all that it brings, most notably the April Fools pranks, I’ve rounded up some of the best ones. Plus another food specific café & a couple of parody accounts that are making the news. Parody accounts They say that you’ve never really arrived on social media … Read more

panna cotta & strawberry cloud

Recipe ~ Edible clouds

This time last week Glynn Purnell did a dish on Saturday Kitchen which involved a fennel cloud, and jokingly said that lots of chefs would now be doing it. The truth is, as I tweeted about edible clouds: No, some of us won’t be doing clouds. As we were doing them years ago #ElBulli #SaturdayKitchen … Read more

Easter biscuit header

Recipe ~ Cranberry Easter biscuits

So the kids are on half term for Easter, so why not bake some cookies with them. Here is my recipe for Cranberry Easter biscuits. Once the dough is rolled into the cylinder shape, it can be frozen for upto a month, so don’t worry about how much it makes. Cranberry Easter Biscuits  230g Unsalted … Read more

weekend edition

The Weekend Edition – The late one

Hard to know where to start with this week’s post. It has been 7 days of; Meat Free week, a chef on Tripadvisor, deep fried food & food specific cafés. So we’ll crack on. Meat Free Week & Tony Naylor For those that don’t follow Tony Naylor on Twitter, you really should. He has that … Read more


Really, where are all the young chefs?

Late last week Visit England released some interesting figures about chefs, and the recruitment there of, and it got me thinking. Where are all the young chefs? Who, or what was to blame for there not being enough young blood coming into the industry, that the role of Chef de Partie has all but vanished … Read more

weekend edition

The Weekend Edition

So you may have noticed that this post about the weekly round up of social media has been re-named. Whilst it originally served a purpose, it was a bit long winded. New look – same old tripe, to be honest. Yes, it’s a round up of various food/chef related material, that somebody thought was a … Read more

BNS cake

Baking ~ Butternut squash cake

Spoiler alert for Chef Justin Brown ~ CAKES AGAIN. Yes, this wannabe sleb chef was only complaining on Twitter this week that I’m a: ..failed chef posting pictures of shit cakes he makes at home.. Well, as clearly as Chef Brown isn’t a regular reader among the thousands every week that do, I’ll reiterate the … Read more

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