Frozen chocolate
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Frozen chocolate

Recipes ~ National chocolate week: Frozen chocolate desserts.

This is the final part in the trilogy of posts for recipes on National chocolate week. This installment is all about frozen chocolate desserts; Ice creams, parfait & semi freddo. Dark Chocolate ice cream.  250g Double cream 250g Milk 5 (100g) Egg yolks 100g Caster sugar 30g Inverted sugar (Trimoline) can use glucose as a … Read more

Choc caramel cookies

Recipes ~ National chocolate week: Cookies, brownies & blondies

For the second post this week it’s all about snacks, for with a sweet tooth: Cookies, brownies & blondies. Possibly the ‘Ultimate chocolate brownie’ was first posted in November 2012, and the recipe hasn’t changed since. The ‘Ultimate chocolate brownie’? 150g Plain flour 50g Cocoa powder 300g Eggs (Approx 6) 300g Caster sugar 150g Muscavado … Read more

Choc delice - header, National chocolate week

Recipes ~ National chocolate week: Desserts

To kick National chocolate week off, I’ll give you three dessert recipes. There is the now infamous Chocolate tar ‘Marco Pierre White’, which was originally posted in August 2010; Dark chocolate delice, which is one of my favourite desserts; and a slight twist on a favourite, the Toffee centered fondant. Chocolate Tart “Marco Pierre White” … Read more

NCW - Header

What ChefHermes has planned for National chocolate week.

October 13th to 19th is National chocolate week in the UK, and so subsequently will be doing a series of posts all week to celebrate, what is arguably the most desirable food in the world. To whet your appetite, this is what can you expect for National chocolate week. I’ll be posting some classics … Read more


Chef Rumours & Gossip: New appointments etc

So this is the latest in the series of ‘Chef Rumours & Gossip’ posts, where some of the inside info that chefs pass between themselves comes to light & often fruition. Edinburgh First up is Michelin starred chef, Tom Kitchin. There is a very strong rumour that with the closure of Chop Chop in late … Read more


Chefs!!! So you want to be in the guide books?

One of the most frequently asked questions in recent times from chefs, is: How do I get a listing in the guide books? So Ive decided to contact all the major guides & find out how to go about getting an inclusion. I’ll also include their relevent social media accounts, but please don’t go harassing … Read more


Out and About – The Treby Arms, Sparkwell, Plymouth, Devon.

As many of you will know, I have a real disdain for cooking shows like Masterchef. They take enthusiastic amateurs and put them in scenarios they are never likely to meet, for what? Entertainment. Then there is the professional off shoot, it does a similar sort of thing to X-Factor where there are the ill … Read more

Michelin header

Guides: Michelin 2015 ~ The Comment

So it’s just after 4 hours since Michelin Uk released the little red guide book. There has been the usual discretion, back slapping and comment on the social media. As I’ve said many times, there is no doubting what a gong from the French tyre make actually means. It has so much influence, it exceeds … Read more


Guides: Michelin 2015 ~ The results

Michelin 2015 Here in a nutshell are the results for the Michelin 2015 guide.   No new 3 stars, or deletions No new 2 stars, or deletions New: Treby Arms, Sparkwell, Devon The Star Inn, Harome, Yorkshire Cross @ Kenilworth, Warks Outlaws fish kitchen, Cornwall Isle of Eriska, Scotland Three Chimneys, Skye, Scotland Ynyshir hall, … Read more


Guides: Rumours for Michelin 2015

With Michelin 2015 the last major guide to be published this year, it’s always interesting to see the rumours reaching a crescendo. Due to be launched on Thursday, the red guide, still carries the most influence of all guidebooks. Of course dropping stars, or completely out of the guide altogether would seriously affect a business. … Read more

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