Really, where are all the young chefs?

Late last week Visit England released some interesting figures about chefs, and the recruitment there of, and it got me thinking. Where are all the young chefs? Who, or what was to blame for there not being enough young blood coming into the industry, that the role of Chef de Partie has all but vanished … Read more

weekend edition

The Weekend Edition

So you may have noticed that this post about the weekly round up of social media has been re-named. Whilst it originally served a purpose, it was a bit long winded. New look – same old tripe, to be honest. Yes, it’s a round up of various food/chef related material, that somebody thought was a … Read more

BNS cake

Baking ~ Butternut squash cake

Spoiler alert for Chef Justin Brown ~ CAKES AGAIN. Yes, this wannabe sleb chef was only complaining on Twitter this week that I’m a: ..failed chef posting pictures of shit cakes he makes at home.. Well, as clearly as Chef Brown isn’t a regular reader among the thousands every week that do, I’ll reiterate the … Read more


The follow up: 100 top chefs write to The Daily Telegraph about allergens.

Last week I wrote about the “100 top chefs“, who signed an open letter to The Daily Telegraph complaining about the enforced additional bureaucracy which their kitchens face from the EU. As I mentioned in my reply to a comment on that post, I would also be doing a follow up post as it was … Read more


Weekly round up of social media for ChefHermes.com

In a week in which Jeremy Clarkson seemed to hog the headlines & social media. There were several winners & losers that just need to be mentioned, along with a prehistoric attitude in a 3Michelin starred kitchen. The people have spoken The undoubted winner in this weeks social networks, has been the advent of a … Read more

EVOO cake

Recipe ~ Olive oil & lime cake

Back with a vengance this week for the usual baking slot. As I’ve been getting into Vietnamese cooking recently makes me have an awful lot of surplus limes at the moment. That coupled with not wanting to go out to get butter (the weather has been dreadful), made me look for a new fat in … Read more


The Reply: 100 top chefs write to The Daily Telegraph about allergens.

By the time I publish this post, this story will have made it to more of the mainstream media outlets. The article headline on the front page of today’s Daily Telegraph reads: Top chefs left steaming by EU allergy law. It carries further weight by adding that the two headline signatories to this letter are … Read more


Weekly round up of social media for ChefHermes.com

This week has shown the many facets of the hospitality sector. There is the ability to turn a viral mistake into a fund raising exercise, the Government have announced something which will please the industry, yet another subjective list & the gullibility of customers. The culinary car crash which turns into a happy ending. It … Read more


Weekly round up of social media for ChefHermes.com

Ar week rolls by and another picture goes viral on social media. Some proclaim that it’ll break the internet with so many of us talking about it, only those that are that stupid, believe such a thing could ever happen. So, onward to the first topic. Social media faux pas of the week award Yes, … Read more

raspberry & white chocolate cake

Baking ~ Raspberry & White chocolate cake

After a week off from the usual baking duties, it’s back with a vengeance. I defrosted our freezer yesterday, only to find some frozen raspberries at the back of one of the drawers. Great, I’ll use them up on a baking post. The reasons that I use frozen raspberries over fresh, are that I find … Read more

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