Chefs websites

chefs websites header is proud to offer a chefs websites facility.

I know that setting up your own website or blog can be a daunting task; time consuming at best, frustrating at worse.

This is why I’ve decided to offer chefs a cost effective version. These are off the shelf packages with add-ons, not bespoke chefs websites, so the turn around time is about a week to ten days. So none of this ‘Coming soon’ hold page, which can frustrate people who are interested in following you.

Some of the facilities I can incorporate into your shiny & new website:

  • Your own custom domain*.
  • Email set up, so you don’t have to rely on Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo. Instead you can have*, for example.
  • Integration into social media websites: Twitter; Facebook; Flickr; Instagram and the rest†.
  • Embedding of youtube videos of your work†.
  • Inserting of calendars, to let people know if you’re doing special events.
  • 1 Year support & after care, including any software updates to keep your website running as it should.
  • Training and a PDF manual, so you’ll be self reliant for the future.

So what does it cost I hear you say?

Well, a basic website which will include: Custom domain*; Home page; Gallery; blog/news page; contact and 1 other page of your choosing isn’t stratospheric.Unlike many other chefs websites suppliers, you will own the domain name at all times, so you will have the freedom to move & reduces the risk of cyber-squatting. Should want your website to have more flexibility, such as being able to sell advertising space or additional plugins (like then maybe self hosting is the route to take. It’s not complex, yes there are some one off & annual fees, but it’s not where near as expensive as you might think.

Of course looks & acts like a well oiled machine, but it has taken over four years to reach this stage & I’m still tweaking it occasionally to perform the way I want. Needless to say, you going to want to see some examples of what you’re going to get for your money, around about £250 – £350, is going to get you the following examples:

  1. Version A: Website specifically for food, can be connected to Opentable for online reservations
  2. Version B: Clean looking & minimalistic
  3. Version C: Bold typeface & single column, looks great for more image heavy websites.
  4. Version D: Rich chocolate coloured 3 column site.
  5. Version E: A Great format if you like social networks; twitter, facebook, instagram etc
  6. Commissioned by Nigel Keller-Godwin, to supply an email & website solution to his new business.
  7. Rejuvenated a freelance chef’s website and converted it to a recruitment site. Also included an email solution.
  8. Asked to put together a website & email solution for this Cotswold based pop-up.

Please bear in mind that these are examples, should you wish to have something different for your chef’s website, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

*Subject to availability & possible annual fees.

†Subject to availability, may not be possible on non self hosted sites without incurring extra fees