Who is Chef Hermes?

Who is Chef Hermes?

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“Who is Chef Hermes?” is probably one of the top five search terms that arrive at the blog.

Writing a blog from within the catering industry, after spending over 27 years cooking with the inspirational, the talented and the egomaniacs of the stoves. I now spend more time writing and sharing from the inside of the catering industry.

ChefHermes.com hopes to bring a little ray of sunshine into what can be an all too pressurised working environment and whilst many may think that I’m out to torch, ridicule or humiliate those that feature within its pages, nothing is further from the truth.

Various media publications have picked up ChefHermes.com

Appearance on the Heart FM website “7 Things The Chef Wants You To Know

Chefs take pride in the quality of food they serve so each cut of meat has been selected for a reason. By asking for your meat to be cremated to resemble tough old boot leather that causes your jaw to ache is sure to set the chef’s back up.
According to Chef Hermes: “An animal shouldn’t die for that reason – a well done steak.”

There was an appearence in the trade journal “The Hotelkeeper & Caterer” in September 2012: Revelations.


An interview on the Mise en Place recruitment website, where they turned the tables & gave me my own 5Questions‘; well, seven actually but who’s counting: Eat my words


The Evening Standard magazine said that my tweeting about ‘The World’s 50Best’ list:

…provided an acid commentary on the World’s 50 Best Restaurant awards last month.