I’ve know Natalie at IO Shen knives for several years now. She’s an absolute star, she gets the chef humour, but more importantly she has an excellent product that delivers. I’m not just saying this in the vain hope that she’ll send me some freebies, but because she is a genuinely all round good egg.

Earlier this evening, Nat DM’d me via Twitter about an incredibly generous offer.

This offer was then added to by on Twitter:

So if you know somebody who’d like a shiny new IO Shen knife & a Thermapen then please get in touch with Natalie.

You can do this by using the hastag #FriendForKnife:

Remember, for your nomination to count, you must use the hastag #FriendForKnife & get it to Natalie before 5pm (UK time) on December 16th


One of my IO Shen knives, with a blade tattoo

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