The Weekend Edition

In a week when Starbucks announced a turnover more than Iceland’s GDP, Tax dodging helpers HSBC threaten to quit the UK; I’ve been enjoying John Torode’s incompetence on Masterchef  and Gordon Ramsay’s AMA on Reddit.

I kick this edition off with a heart warming story.

The simple things in life.

Michael Hanline wrongfully spent 36years in prison for a murder he didn’t commit. With the help of the California Innocence Project, he was freed this week. Watch as he takes a bite of a bacon cheeseburger.

The full story on: First we feast

Chef recruitment #1

Chefs do seem to struggle with the English language, I often get emails & messages where the writer has gotten confuse over things like: they’re, their & there. Not so much of a problem, but when you run a large recruitment site it is kind of important to get spelling right.

So enjoy this doozie from trying to appeal to the native American market in the recruitment of chefs?

Chef Recruitment #2

On the subject of recruitment, this screengrab taken from Gumtree just says it all about the state of Hospitality:


£20 per hour with no experience!?!

Chef Recruitment #3

Whilst both of the previous examples ignorance, that is nothing compared to a Green Party candidate who, when challenged on Twitter about why he supports the Cut Tourism VAT campaign came back with this:


Green Party

Greens support Cut Tourism VAT to create more jobs we can’t fill already!?!

Just a reminder; The BHA & Cut Tourism VAT lobby groups say that cutting VAT in Hospitality will generate 120,000 jobs over the next 10 years. Yet between 2010 & 2012, the Hospitality sector created 175,000 new jobs; YES in the height of a recession.

Getting to bottom of the problem

Much sniggering was circulating on Twitter when it was reported that a Restaurant Manager in London had a thing about new boxer shorts:

Curt almond


#FoodPorn in my time line this week

And finally….

I’d like to wish Russell & Elena Brown all the best for the future. Last night was their final service at Sienna in Dorchester, we had a great meal there last year, Good luck from from all connected with

Full review of Sienna: Here on

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