Norovirus, Noma & PR spin.

They say a week is a long time in politics, maybe somebody should ask the owners of Noma how a week feels, after being on the end of such an amount of negative publicity about their Norovirus outbreak. Let me introduce the main players: Noma Noma & it’s chef, Rene Redzepi, have basically been hailed … Read more

Top 10 most followed UK restaurant critics on Twitter 2012

Restaurant critics on Twitter I was reading back through some of my old posts recently and one that regularly gets attention is ‘The restaurant critics on Twitter’ post from May 2011. So as a light hearted post while I’m researching more heavy duty projects, I thought I’d revisit it. In the past twelve months social … Read more

The 10 most followed UK restaurant critics on Twitter 2011

The 10 most followed UK restaurant critics This post now has a 2012 sibling: Here This post follows on from a post done by Huffington Post & retweeted by many including Slash Food, which is how it came to my attention. The title of their post was, The most popular food critics on Twitter So … Read more

Blogging & Journalism, can they go hand in hand?

After our recent leak of a certain guide, we came into contact with a number of  journalists. Some felt that it was bad form for us to publish what we did and others felt that it was fair game. After all, if some of the journos had been presented with the same leak would they … Read more

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