Chef stagiaires: Career progression or free labour?

A few years ago a mate asked me about doing some chef stages (working for free to gain different/more experiences). ‘Sure’ I said, ‘where were you thinking of?’. Needless to say he was thinking of the Fat Duck in Bray, it was number two in the Worlds 50 Best list at the time, it would … Read more

World’s 50 Best, 2013

Every man  loves a list, and the catering world is no different. There is the ritual award season for about 6 weeks in September & early October where AA, Good Food guide & Michelin release their annual guides of movers & shakers domestically, but the perennial publication of The World’s 50 best restaurant list is … Read more

Norovirus, Noma & PR spin.

They say a week is a long time in politics, maybe somebody should ask the owners of Noma how a week feels, after being on the end of such an amount of negative publicity about their Norovirus outbreak. Let me introduce the main players: Noma Noma & it’s chef, Rene Redzepi, have basically been hailed … Read more

Worlds 50 Best, The culinary version of Eurovision.

  So it’s that time of year again & the Worlds 50 Best Restaurant list has been release. After starting the day watching tweets of the many being over hyped because they were having breakfast with Ferran Adria amongst others. The former 3Michelin starred chef & record winner of the 50 Best Restaurant was in … Read more

Seasonal Produce ~ May

With plenty of chefs now tweeting and posting pictures on FaceBook, Spring is well and truly here. Chefs such as Sat Bains, Steve Groves (Roux Parliment Sq), Mitch Tonks, Martjin Kajuiter, Simon Rogan , Rene Redzepi & Russell Brown have all posted pictures of recent dishes. So without further a do here is the produce … Read more

The ’50 Best Restaurants’ via Google Maps

The idea for this post was born out of a tweet that blogger Chris Pople (of Cheese n Biscuits blog fame) tweeted last week. It was shortly after the release of the 50 Best restaurant list & although I’m not entirely sure what prompted it, seemed like a good idea. Using Google maps he posted … Read more

Words of Advice ~ Laurie Gear

This edition of the ‘5Questions‘ comes from a chef where you would think the world was against him. After opening the Artichoke restaurant in Old Amersham in 2002, they suffered a major set back 6 years later. In June 2008 a fire in a neighbouring fish restaurant spread to the Artichoke, subsequently causing it to … Read more

An update of 50 Best Restaurants, a review of our leak

So after we post our leak on the TableTalk forum, we received an incredible amount of interest in our little blog. Many thanks to all of you that took the time, it’s very flattering. Back to the subject in hand, as we said at the time we’d already done 2 posts on the Friday when our source … Read more

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