Can the last person leaving, turn the light off! ~ Heckfield Place

Oh, yet another story about the beleaguered stately pile in Hampshire, that is Heckfield Place. As many of you will know, & are probably beyond caring by now to be honest. Heckfield place has had its opening date pushed back more times than you, me  or anybody cares to remember; to the point where it’s … Read more

What the heck is going on at Heckfield Place?

Yet another week goes by and some more juicy gossip arrives at my inbox, and as I haven’t posted any for a while it seemed about time. It concerns the beleaguered Heckfield Place near Hook. The Hampshire country pile has suffered a number of set backs to the point where the natural turnover of staff … Read more

Big name chef, big plans. It’s all go at Limewood

Earlier this evening received confirmation that the ‘big name chef’ that had been signed up for the culinary offering at Limewood is the Michelin starred Angela Hartnett, not Skye Gyngell as initially thought. Whilst not Limewood is not quite in the freefall position of Coworth Park, it has been trying to recruit for a … Read more

Showing how flawed Jonathan Meades was in the Daily Telegraph.

Towards the tail end of February, the former Times restaurant critic Jonathan Meades, penned an article for the Daily Telegraph, entitled “Blinded by the Michelin stars in their eyes”. Having had plenty of experience with the impact of the little red book, I thought it might be worth a read. Maybe I, along with Mr … Read more

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