The Weekend Edition

Yes, it’s back!!! After not being able to post for nearly a month, I can finally say that after being hacked that is now clean & safe again. There have been so many stories & issues that I would have liked to have written about, but unfortunately I was advised not to. Any way, … Read more

Michael Caines: Announcement coming soon

Well it has been a long time coming, but it finally looks like there will be an announcement from Gidleigh Park, Michael Caines & Brownsword Hotels concerning the future at the 2Michelin star property. This site was one of the first to break the news about the 46 years old Caines’ plan to purchase & … Read more

Out and About ~ The Five Bells, Clyst Hydon

So for a bit of birthday treat, my wife took me out for a celebration meal last week. To be honest there isn’t much to celebrate when you reach your mid forties, but hey a decent meal will always go down well in my books. For a number of years Jack in the Green has … Read more

Re-visiting the debate: Cutting VAT in hospitality.

In early May I wrote a post about reducing VAT in hospitality to 5%, & why it won’t happen. The lowering VAT movement has been trying to gather traction by announcing a “Tax Parity Day” on Wednesday September 25th, where they will reduce the prices of restaurant bills by 7.5%. Yes, they’re doing it mid … Read more

Out & About ~ The Royal Clarence, Abode Exeter, Devon

The Royal Clarence in Exeter was Michael Caines’ first excursion into the mid hotel market; now of course there is the whole Abode brand reaching from Glasgow to Canterbury & Exeter, with Chelsea and Manchester in between. It’s been a tough lesson for the two Michelin starred chef, as this area of hotels is a … Read more

Chefs & menu writing – a simple guide.

Earlier this week I posted on the social media about the terrible menu writing that chefs seem to impose on their customers. Whilst there are various ways to describe your dishes chefs, maybe you should just leave the actual writing of them to somebody who has a decent comprehension of the English language, & maybe … Read more

Twitter for Hotels & Restaurants.

I remember (back in the day) when my best mate, who works for a multi-national IT company, said to me “get involved with this, it’s the next big thing”. Being a bit of geek, although this has now increased as time has gone on, I took a look. I was pretty au fait with Facebook … Read more

Revelations, The Caterer ~ The Full interview

Revelations, The Caterer ~ The Full interview This week I’ve appeared in The Caterer’s Chef section after answering a tweet sent out by Managing editor Amanda Afiya, asking for chefs to take part. Despite how some chefs deride The Caterer for what it once was (ie lots of pages, but many were adverts), secretly they … Read more

Out & About ~ Gidleigh Park, Devon

There are many questions I get asked about Michelin rated & higher end food; but one that crops up on a regular basis is people enquiring about Gidleigh Park. My reply is always the same. Gidleigh Park is one of the very few places where you can go and be made to feel special, irrelevant … Read more

Words of Advice, The Legends ~ Shaun Hill

The next in our line of ‘Words of Advice’ series of ‘5Questions’ comes from what many consider to be the thinking mans chef, Mr Shaun Hill of The Walnut Tree, Abergavenny Wales. He breaks the mould in our line up as he still works 5 days a week  in the kitchens and is a current … Read more

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