Happy Yorkshire pudding day.

The folklore goes that you can’t make proper Yorkshire puddings unless you come from the white rose county itself. Lots of people would disagree with it, yet I’ve met many that just can’t make them. I personally I come from the wrong side of the Pennines, so besides not being able to play cricket for them, I shouldn’t be capable of making their most famous export.

There are two very distinct trains of thought from chefs when it comes to making ‘Yorkies’. Some prefer to make them the night before & let the batter rest. Others like me, do it that day, to retain a lightness in the recently whisked batter. After you’ve been cooking for a while, you’ll devise your own recipe, some chefs go by the equal volumes method, others by fixed weights & quantities. I’ve listed two recipes for you:

It’s very important to note that you should have dedicated tins for Yorkshire puddings & that they should never be washed. Do this will eradicate the natural non-stick coating that builds up over time.

Equal volumes recipe – Yorkshire puddings

  • 1 cup Plain flour
  • 1 cup Whole eggs
  • 1 cup Milk
  • pinch of Salt

Combine all the ingredients, whisk or liquidise until smooth.

Cook. (more on this later)

If you’re not so self assured in using this method, not to worry. Here is a measured version which will yield 4 large yorkies.

Yorkshire puddings

  • 4 Whole eggs
  • 170g Milk
  • 150g Plain flour
  • pinch of Salt

Combine all the ingredients, whisk or liquidise until smooth.


Cooking Yorkshire puddings

This is where some people get it so wrong. Firstly preheat the oven to about 190°C (fan assisted) & place a tray of water in the bottom, this will help the rising but also keep them moist at the same time.

Yorkshire puddingYorkshire pudding

Next put your tins on a baking tray & heat in the oven for about 5minutes. Then remove from the oven and add some reserved meat fat or dripping (after every roast we have I save any excess fat in a kilner jar in the fridge.). Again heat for another 5minutes.Yorkshire pudding

When the tins are really hot, add the yorkie mix, but only ¾’s of the way up the tins & quickly return to the oven.

Cooking time will be about 20-25 minutes dependent on the size of your tins etc. Your Yorkshire puddings should be brown, light & moist inside.Yorkshire pudding

Yorkshire pudding

Variant: Toad in the Hole.

     Yorkshire pudding Yorkshire pudding

 Part cook some sausages in a deep roasting tray in an oven at 180°C, carefully, pour in enough yorkie mix to half cover the sausages. Bake until the mix is firm, risen & brown at the edges. Serve with Onion gravy & mash potato. For these toad in the holes, I’ve used Chef & Farmer Pork sausages which I was sent to try. They are perfect for this sort of thing due to their high meat content which means they dont ooze grease, which can be one of the things which puts some people off Toad in the hole. Sausages themselves are great value, nice & meaty.

Toad in the hole

Thanks to Chef & Farmer for their high meat content sausages (90%), which are RSPCA ‘Freedom food’ certified & bear the Red tractor mark.

Thanks to Shabnam Gangnam at Kinetic PR for approaching ChefHermes.com about their client’s product.

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