An apology from James Isherwood

Two days ago I wrote a post, to be published today, titled:

The consequences of an information age.

It was petulant at best, scathing & acidic at worst; so why hasn’t it been posted some of you may ask?

‘Miss’, my partner & voice of reason, read the post and advised that it wasn’t a good idea to publish it. Although it was a good read, it highlighted some of the unfounded negativity aimed at myself &, which I felt needed to be addressed. What the post did illustrate, was the way an element of people will happily re-tweet or start malicious Chinese whispers, despite a real lack of evidence, for their own personal amusement or gain.

One such individual was James Isherwood; after making contact with Mr Isherwood he issued with the following apology:

First of all, i would like to apologies to you for putting on twitter about you and the James Stocks incident, when I did not know all of the facts. I can see how this came across, and how it would upset you. I removed all traces of the said tweet and blog not long after posting it, but understand with the power of twitter and the RT’s this was too late.

I suppose, I don’t have enough of a thick skin to just ignore things said about me, but the one thing that does make it hard for me to ignore is when people mention my family,  I’m very close to my mother, as she has been through a lot the past few years, so i’m very protective of her you see. I know that I could have mentioned this in a more calm manner, but I just reacted in that moment.

My problem is I search for my name, not the best thing to do when you’re too sensitive to what is being said about you!
I can see you’re respected on twitter and that it was a silly idea to write that tweet. I know it’s not just you who said stuff, so after seeing one too many tweets about my family, I stupidly reacted in the worst possible way.

I feel that all of this has gone on for far too long, so why don’t we all just draw a line under it and get back to tweeting the good things.

So once again, I’m sorry for putting out there for all of twitter to see, I have now learnt that it’s best to just rise above it and not search for stuff regarding myself. I can promise you that nothing like this will happen again.

All the best

James Isherwood


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