A Preview to December 1

With the sky almost always coloured battleship grey it’s hard to believe that anybody would want to be out in the cold & damp. And yet there are over 15 food festivals in the UK and Ireland for December, and many for Christmas Markets; pretty amazing really. As ever if you’d like you festival listed or have new dates for 2013, please feel free to get in touch via the contact page or any of the social media platforms I’m on, for inclusion.


25ml1fl oz
50ml2fl oz
75ml3fl oz
125ml4fl oz
150ml5fl oz
175ml6fl oz
200ml7fl oz
225ml8fl oz
275ml9fl oz
300ml10fl oz / ½ pint
325ml11fl oz
350ml12fl oz
400ml13fl oz
425ml14fl oz
450ml15fl oz
475ml16fl oz
500ml17fl oz
550ml18fl oz
575ml19fl oz
600ml20fl oz / 1 pint

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