Von Essen

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For what seems like an eternity, the story of Andrew Davis & von Essen hotels  has been rumbling on. Whether it’s a character assassination in the case of the Daily Mail or more sturdy reporting in the case of The Times on June 16th by Dominic Walsh . The closing […]

Is the end in sight for the sorry tale of ...

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As many of you will be aware in the last couple of weeks saw the demise of the von Essen Holding Company. The company had been set up by Andrew Davis fell in administration with debts rumoured to be in the region of £220 – £250 million. Ordinarily I wouldn’t […]

The Von Essen House of Cards.

So in recent weeks there have been several stories floating around the ether, the one of the main stories that caught our eye has been about Charlton House near Shepton Mallet, Bath. Sometime ago former GBM chef Elisha Carter stirred attention with his FaceBook status update “ R.I.P. Charlton House”, […]

A round up of the Charlton House escapade

Chris Horridge with trademark hat
I’ve been hearing several stories before and since the unceremonious  departure of the more avant garde chef, Chris Horridge. Mr Horridge came to catering worlds attention on his appointment at the Bath Priory, then followed the initial Caterer interview on his appointment I make all the chefs carry notepads around […]

Life after Cliveden for Chris Horridge ?!?