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Dear Sirs, Long before I started writing this site I religiously bought & read your columns about food, be it recipes, restaurant reviews or general food articles. The Observer Food Monthly (OFM) supplement was a particular joy, filled with exquisite images and insightful text, but alas, I won’t be buying […]

An open letter to the editors of The Observer, Guardian ...

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Last February, not five months after winning a Michelin star for her food at Petersham Nurseries Skye Gyngell decided that enough was enough. Initially denied by Petersham management, the story gathered pace until three days after the story broke it was confirmed. Needless to say Miss Gyngell tried her best […]

Blue Skye thinking?

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This post ‘5Questions’ is for a freelance journalist called Tim Hayward. For those of you that aren’t regular tweeters or users of the Guardian’s ‘Word of Mouth’ Blog, we’ll try to give you a brief description of his work & background. Mr Hayward is most commonly known for his work […]

’5Questions’ ~ The Journalists, Tim Hayward