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What started out as a post lampooning Huffington Post’s American centric view of the world, has now become an annual event on, the Top 10 most followed UK restaurant critics on Twitter. With the exponential growth of Twitter over the past 3-4years, it now seems to touch the vast […]

Top 10 most followed UK restaurant critics on Twitter 2015

Yet again this week a journalist has written about the relevance of the Michelin guide. Clearly these writers have nothing better to scribble about, other than a subject they know little about. The likes of William Sitwell & Jay Rayner, to my knowledge, have minimal front line experience of the […]

Journalists who write about the relevance of Michelin.

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I remember (back in the day) when my best mate, who works for a multi-national IT company, said to me “get involved with this, it’s the next big thing”. Being a bit of geek, although this has now increased as time has gone on, I took a look. I was […]

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