Michael Caines

Recently I’ve been repeatedly asked the same question: Where are all the young chefs that are coming into the industry? The long and short of it is, I don’t know. The hospitality industry, and in particular chefs, have never had such a prolonged & sustained media exposure as it has […]

Where are all the young chefs?

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This week saw the release of GCSE & A Level results, and after reading a heartfelt post on another blog it got me thinking. Catering was once the last refuse of the less academically gifted & where career advisors would often recommend school leavers to go if they couldn’t do […]

Qualifications aren’t everything in catering

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As many readers of the Chef Hermes blog will know we’re on the two major social networking sites, FaceBook & Twitter , and so to this end we thought we would use our contacts for a worthwhile charity. We were approached by a local teacher, who wanted to know if […]

“It’s all for Charidy ~ Mate!”