As I now spend my time working from home, concentrating (or not as the case maybe) on other projects, means I can get sucked into the world of social media. Firstly, for those who don’t follow ChefHermes on Twitter, Facebook and the other sites, why not? and you really don’t […]

Weekly round up of social media for chefhermes.com

Earlier this week I took to the social networks asking: Looking for recommendations. Books for Foodies & chefs for Christmas that have been released this year please. Loads of you responded, for which I’m very gratefully. For chefs there is a far an away winner, in terms of a recommendation. […]

Cookbooks for Chefs & Gastronauts alike this Christmas

opinion 2
2011 was a landmark year for Chefhermes.com, it’s the first full twelve month period that the blog has been going and after a long hiatus I finally moved to hosting. As with most things IT related there are the usual hiccups but nothing major. The advantage of this is that […]

2011, A year in review

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So it’s a Friday & it’s British food fortnight, so what would be more apt than the classic Fish and Chips. Obviously the choice of ingredients are key to this dish more technique really. With the ethical sourcing of produce being paramount these days, in particular fish with Hugh Fearnly […]

British Food Fortnight: Fish & Chips