Dominic Chapman

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So it’s a Friday & it’s British food fortnight, so what would be more apt than the classic Fish and Chips. Obviously the choice of ingredients are key to this dish more technique really. With the ethical sourcing of produce being paramount these days, in particular fish with Hugh Fearnly […]

British Food Fortnight: Fish & Chips

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Outrage erupted on various social networking sites this week after Jamie Oliver did an interview for The Observer newspaper to promote his new television programme. The quote which seems to have caused the most offence is probably a hard truth for the catering industry to accept, let alone swallow. Below […]

The Unsavoury Truth About Catering, from Jamie Oliver

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So this week we’ve had a glut of responses to our calls for chefs to participate in our series of ‘5questions’. One such respondent was Heston Blumenthal’s former Head Chef, Dominic Chapman. Now ploughing his trade just down the road from The Fat Duck empire at The Royal Oak, Paley […]

Words of Advice ~ Dominic Chapman