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As I now spend my time working from home, concentrating (or not as the case maybe) on other projects, means I can get sucked into the world of social media. Firstly, for those who don’t follow ChefHermes on Twitter, Facebook and the other sites, why not? and you really don’t […]

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Late last week I received yet another email, concerning senior departures at Coworth Park. Ordinarily I wouldn’t bother, as the constant revolving door of staff at the Dorchester Collection’s country outpost, has become somewhat of a standing joke. Sadly, Executive chef Brian Hughson, is leaving due to illness and has […]

Coworth Park………………..yet another Executive chef required.

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Earlier this evening received confirmation that the ‘big name chef’ that had been signed up for the culinary offering at Limewood is the Michelin starred Angela Hartnett, not Skye Gyngell as initially thought. Whilst not Limewood is not quite in the freefall position of Coworth Park, it has been […]

Big name chef, big plans. It’s all go at Limewood

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After being open a total of 622 days, Coworth Park has seen off two Executive chefs (and technically a former two Michelin starred consultant). Today, hot off the press The Dorchester Collection are set to announce their new incumbent of the mantle at their country outpost. Most readers of this […]

And still it rumbles on at Coworth Park….