Charlie Trotter

Chanternay carrots 2
For this month’s collection of recipes, we thought that we’d post a some recipes of a much underrated vegetable. Carrots normally form part of mirepoix, purees & soups, but as our blog will demonstrate they are just a bit more versatile than that. Although the most common colour for carrots […]

There’s a bit more to Carrots….

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Well, here it is, our 100th post on the Chef Hermes blog. After spotting a niche in the blogosphere on the 21st February 2010 the first post emerged. To say that month’s figures were disappointing is a mild understatement, at the end of the month the blog had just 30 […]

Our Review of 2010 & the landmark 100th post.

Over the past couple of months we’ve seen the green shoots of recovery in the hospitality industry, with rumours and acquisitions starting to gather pace and yet closures for others. Some of biggest names in catering have had to close outposts to keep the ship afloat, Charlie Trotter, Gordon Ramsay, […]

Recession & expansion