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I’ve been lying awake since 4am, mulling over how to write this post. It’s not often things irritate me enough that my sleep is interrupted, but this has. Whether the industry likes it or not, ‘The Caterer‘ is the go to source of reference about the Hospitality sector etc. It […]

RANT: The Caterer

AA 2016
There are a number of reasons why a restaurant maybe demoted or deleted in a restaurant guide. Closure, change of chef or just general uncertainty, can all make the guides a bit twitchy. In the AA 2016 Restaurant guide there appear to 18 deletions from the top 10%, that I’ve […]

Guides: AA 2016 – The demotions, suspensions & deletions

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The AA 2016 Restaurant Guide. And so to the final major guide to be launched this year, The AA 2016 Restaurant Guide. The AA are the only major guide which hold an annual event, which usually coincides with the Restaurant show, hence the reason if you’re on Twitter, you’ll see […]

Guides: AA 2016 ~ The results

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The main big news from the world of Hospitality, is that legendary hotelier Phillip Newman-Hall has retired. Formerly Raymond Blanc’s right hand man & general keeper of Le Manoir aux quat’ saison, Newman-Hall has now embarked on what looks like semi-retirement rather than the full blown thing, want to wish […]

The Weekend Edition

Apology: This post was written in May 2014 & for some reason was never posted. Betony has since received 1 Michelin star in the two prevailing guides for New York. Betony was our final meal in New York, it had been an intense five days in the city that truly […]

Out & About ~ Betony, Midtown, New York

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So what’s been in the news this week? Well other than sordid tales of Dave Cameron’s Oxbridge days coming to light, and a member of the shadow cabinet who wants to treat dairy & meat with the same degree of social leprosy as tobacco, yes Kerry McCarthy you. The Savoy […]

The Weekend Edition

The name of Kerry McCarthy isn’t probably one of the biggest names in British politics, but she’s desperate to make the most of her 15minutes of fame. Jeremy Corbyn’s new ‘militant’ vegan shadow minister for farming thinks meat should be handled just like tobacco in terms of public health. Saying […]

Dear Kerry McCarthy MP, SHUT UP!!!

There are times & places that stick with you through life, events that are synonymous with people or places. Driftwood hotel in Cornwall is one such place for me. Many moons ago, I met a great young lady; eyes like pools of melted dark chocolate¹, with beautiful olive skin and […]

Out & About ~ Driftwood, Cornwall

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So it’s the weekend after the Michelin release, & quite frankly it was a bit of disappointment, even taking into account the leak. Other than that, there really hasn’t been any other culinary news worth talking about. Tweet of the week Shortly after the Michelin 2016 release was out in […]

The Weekend Edition