The top 20 UK Restaurant bloggers on Twitter 2014

So, this follows on from the annual ‘Top 10 Restaurant critics on Twitter‘, as I got a bit of flack about bloggers not being on the list. This, despite it saying what the criteria was in the post:

The criteria for being included in the list is that you’re a published (ie in a newspaper or magazine; blogs & own websites aren’t allowed) restaurant critic, on an at least semi regular basis.

The problems with adding bloggers to the list are numerous to say the least; bloggers for a start tend to play by far more fluid rules that the traditional journalist. But more importantly how do you measure an importance/relevance/influence? Writer & blogger Andy Hayler suggested using Klout as a method of scoring, but this reaches beyond Twitter, as it uses not only one social media site, but utilises:

The other problem with using Klout as a basis, is that everybody has to be signed up to it. So it was back to my original idea of using the formula of, followers divided by people that they’re following. This would eliminate those people that follow 20,000 tweeters, and by the very essence of human nature, amass an unusually large  following based on the follow back theory.

The criteria then for ‘The top 10 UK Restaurant bloggers on Twitter 2014’, is the following:

  • The blog must contain an average of 1 restaurant review per month, over a 12month period.
  • The content of said posts, should be controlled by the blogger, not an editor or a third party.
  • Data was taken from Twitter, via Hootsuite, on May 13th 2014. So may differ at the time of publishing.
  • cannot be held responsible for bloggers ‘buying’ followers, as the time taken to check & conclusively prove it had happened would be too long.

Please feel free to submit in the comments section at the foot of this post, any bloggers you think should be considered for next years list.

NameNumber of followersNumber followingRatio (Following 1person= x followers)BioUser name
Tweat_Up1266132395.66Eating, meeting, tweeting' #TacoWars #CraftBeerBattle @StreetFeastLDN #HawkerHouse #Vibes@Tweat_up
Matthew Fort2801271394.54Guardian Food and Drink editor for 15 years, author of several award-winning books on food and expert judge on popular TV series, The Great British Menu.@MatthewFort
Bitten & Written1486731746.90London restaurant scene. From the inside...@bittenwritten
Popup London496618027.59Up-to-the-second guide to the trendiest gobholes and noshpits in and around London.@Foodpit
Chris Pople2084990023.17Food blogger, food writer, Londoner, blagger, freeloader and timewaster.@ChrisPople
Helen Yuet Ling Pang371723915.55Food & travel blogger with iPhone app featuring best of traditional London. Former BBFC Film Examiner. Guild of Food Writers New Media Award 2009 shortlistee.@Foodieguide
Niamh Shields33104273912.09Irish Gal in London | Cook | Traveller | Food & Travel Blogger | Writer@eatlikeagirl
Fuss free Helen964584211.45Freelance food writer, recipe developer, food stylist, photographer. I like food, cooking and eating. Former financial analyst.@FussfreeHelen
Luiz Hara1053994811.12Former investment banker now a Le Cordon Bleu-trained Chef, food, wine (Adv WSET) & travel writer, huge Japanophile, & host of #JapaneseSupperClub in Islington@thelondonfoodie
Helen Graves22232205610.81Food writer. PhD student. Love Peckham & sandwiches. Author of 101 Sandwiches, out now. 3rd book Oct 2014. Winner YBF fresh faces in food writing 2013@FoodStories
The Skinny Bib562654710.29another kind of gastrophile...@theskinnybib
Food Urchin13492131610.25Father and food writer.@FoodUrchin
Hollowlegs1438214999.59Food. Drink. Swears. Mainly Asian. South East London. That kind of thing.@hollowlegs
Chef Hermes58356129.53Maverick, but according to restaurant critic Jay Rayner-an annoying little toad. Make of me what you will 😀@ChefHermes
Daniel Young1657219318.58comfort food beyond its comfort zone.@youngandfoodish
Kang958311538.31food and drink in london, mostly@LondonEater
Cook Sister73329197.98Food & travel writer and photographer. South African by birth, Londoner by choice.@cooksisterblog
Rosie Birkett1824424837.35Freelance food and travel writer, columnist and author. I do restaurants, food and travel. Cook a lot. London mostly@Rosiefoodie
Rocket and Squash65929536.92All the time Food: writing, filming, cooking ... But sometimes just Meat: wholesale manager @cannonandcannon@rocketandsquash
Andy Hayler697411346.15Food Writer, Restaurant critic for Elite Traveler magazine@wyahaw

As a courtesy for emailing me about a tweet, it seems only fair to mention: 

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