So the rumours are true, Jason Atherton is to leave Maze. 1

So the rumours have finally been confirmed, Jason Atherton is to leave Maze & Gordon Ramsay Holdings at the end of April. Speaking to Kerstin  Kühn at The Caterer

The rumours are true, I am leaving to do my own thing and I’m very excited about that. I’ve had nine good years with Gordon Ramsay and I have enjoyed inventing the Maze brand on Gordon Ramsay Holdings’ behalf. It’s been a great honour for me to take that brand globally – there are only a few chefs who have had that opportunity – and I really thank Gordon for that

This must irritate Gordon, who tweeted on Feb 4th

So bored of the rumours about Jason leaving. theyre as true as those about me leaving to go and cook on the moon.

So unless Jason is only on a months notice, Gordon must have known so why put it on Twitter? Come on Gordon, play the game.

This is the latest in a big loss for Gordon Ramsay Holdings. In May 2008 Marcus Wareing parted company in a rather acrimonious way that clearly still rankles Ramsay, stating in an interview in GQ that Marcus should concentrate on his own business rather than what he (GR) was doing. Earlier that year Bjorn van der Horst left GRH as La Noisette closed again to set up his own restaurant and his long time right hand man Mark Sargeant left Claridges & GRH in November 2009.

Atherton has seen his format rolled out across the globe, with a Maze & Maze Grill opening only this week in Melbourne Australia. In London he also has a loyal following so it comes really as no surprise that he has made this final step.

We’d like to wish Jason all the best for his next venture.

Many thanks to Amanda Afiya for this story via Twitter

Just as a post script to this post GR has put on Twitter

jason’s ready to fly the nest.Time for him to have his name above the door.Who doesn’t want that? I wish him every success, an amazing guy


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