“It’s all for Charidy ~ Mate!” 1

As many readers of the Chef Hermes blog will know we’re on the two major social networking sites, FaceBook & Twitter , and so to this end we thought we would use our contacts for a worthwhile charity.

We were approached by a local teacher, who wanted to know if we could contribute some prizes for a charity evening to raise money for some new computers. So armed with a few email addresses, Twitter followers & FaceBook friends we made some approaches.

In the early days, things were looking promising. In the new electronic & media driven age it is growing more & more likely that if you do anything like this that you’ll probably end up dealing with a PA or an agent. The beauty of the various social networking sites, is that you can actually communicate directly with the individuals concerned (unless you follow Gordon Ramsay on Twitter, which is allegedly written by his PR agent).

After week or so there was nothing really on the horizon or appeared to be coming through, then with a few days to go, Sue Williams, Group Manager from The Bath Priory & Gidleigh Park came up trumps. She donated a copy of The Devon Cookbook which had been signed by 2* Chef Micheal Caines, who contributed to the book.

With a day or so to go Jeremy Rata, Managing Director of Bovey Castle, went one step further by very kindly donating an afternoon tea for four at Bovey Castle.

The end result of this cajoling and pestering of the great and the good in the catering world, was a contribution to about a £1000 raised over two days for new computer equipment for a school in a deprived area of South Devon.

We’d like to thank very publicly Sue Williams and Jeremy Rata for their kind donations, which will make a difference to a community.

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