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Many of you may have read “The Hamborough Group & Kevin Sussmilch ~ What next ?” post, which I did eight days ago & eluded that I didn’t really fulfill the title of the post. Well, at the time of posting Kevin Sussmilch had only appointed one chef; called Chris Denny to the vacant position at Pond café in Bonchurch, which is the sister property to the Michelin starred Hambrough. Although relatively unknown, Mr Denny is highly regarded by some of his peers, with one saying:

Chris is well capable of getting a star in his own right.

On top of this has managed to obtain a copy of the new menu. Clearly Mr Denny has been empowered to play to his strengths, and has wiped the slate clean and started again. Gone is the River café style Italian menu & food, and in comes a more contemporary style of food, featuring dishes such as:

  • Roasted chicken, buckwheat waffle, sea kale,salted lemons, garlic crisps  £22
  • Flat iron steak, salt baked celeriac, shitaki (sic) granola, confit banana shallot, miso butterscotch £18.50
  • Sweet potato ice cream, jamacian ginger cake, lime meringue, sour cream  £7
  • Peanut butter macroon, passion fruit sorbet £7

The version of the menu I’ve seen is a simple six starters; six main course & five desserts:

Chris denny menu

Robert Thompson’s replacement at The Hambrough

This morning news has dropped into my inbox concerning the man at the helm for The Hambrough. It is a chef by the name of Darren Beevers and former employers, according to his LinkedIn page include:

  • Pollen Street Social, 1Michelin star
  • The Capital Hotel, 2Michelin stars
  • Le Poussin, 1Michelin star
  • Chez Bruce, 1Michelin star
  • Club Gascon, 1Michelin star

Whilst Mr Beevers only Head chef position has been at Club Gascon, & for not as long as he’d like to make out on his LinkedIn page; he does seem to fit the bill as somebody that could potentially retain the all important French tyre maker’s star. As yet, a start date for Mr Beevers is still unknown, as is who, if anybody is manning the stoves currently at The Hambrough itself.

Whilst I dare say both Mr Beevers & Mr Denny can cook and run kitchens, they aren’t in the same league as the former two Michelin starred chef, John Campbell, to move The Hambrough Group & the Winter Gardens project forward. So clearly this is a change of tack from Mr Sussmilch, is he going to appoint a group operations director, as this would probably make more sense?

As ever with a breaking post like this I’d like to offer my best wishes for all concerned with The Hambrough Group and their future plans.

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2 thoughts on “New chefs for The Hambrough Group, that’s what is next!

  • Superyachtchef

    I met with Chris & Joe at The Pond early last week and was kindly given the opportunity to take a look at their TDH and A la Carte menus, which I believe will go down well in Bonchurch and attract diners from across the island.

    Just a quick note to help you out with your research Chef Hermes – a very reliable source tells me that The Hambrough Hotel is currently only serving breakfast and afternoon tea – there is nobody currently manning the stoves in the evenings. I am aware that bookings have been cancelled at the last minute. I was dining locally on Saturday night and during a post dinner stroll I noticed that the lights were on at The Hambrough but no one was at home!

    Like your good self, I wish The Hambrough Group, Chris, Joe and the incoming chef every success.

    Felicitations mon brave!

    • chefhermes Post author

      Hi SuperYachtChef,

      Yes, I knew about the services at The Hamborough, as I was tagged in a picture on Facebook where this came to light.