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Yet again there was a bun fight on Twitter this week; it’s an oh too regular occurrence these days & you’ll be glad to hear, I wasn’t involved at all. But those who did participated were: Gizzi Erskine; Sophie Michell; Johnnie Mountain & Rebecca Marshman amongst others. Sophie, Johnnie & Rebecca all filmed a BBC America programme called Chef Race, after that Miss Marshman went to work for Mr Mountain at the English Pig in Westminster. Just to give you a flavour, here is a YouTube clip introducing the UK team.

It’s really hard to work out who started throwing the insults first, whether it was Johnnie Mountain telling Sophie Michell ‘that she needed to lose some weight & couldn’t cook’, or that Miss Michell had emailed Miss Marshman:

….A little bit of advice, you are at the start of your career, being rude and disrespectful to people in the industry will get you nowhere. You’re Twitter page is full of abuse for chefs like Marcus Wareing, who is actually incredibly good at what he does and very much respected. You need to wake up and realise that what seems like fun and games and a good way to be part of JM’s little pig sty could actually, in the long term damage you….

Miss Michell also claimed that she was being:

..trolled and stalked by Johhnie Mountain..

If she really knew what being trolled was, it might have gotten a bit of sympathy; but as Miss Michell clearly doesn’t, it wont.

It really is all playground stuff with handbags at dawn, so why Gizzi Erskine got involved is beyond me. She tweeted:


And I suppose that’s the measure of this, Miss Erskine & Miss Michell are TV cooks; book writers, not chefs, well not in the conventional use of the word. While the whole thing is 6 of one & half a dozen of t’other, Mr Mountain felt compelled write it all down & ask if I’d post it. Having spent 30minutes on the phone with him today & read some of Johnnie’s timeline, there is a sense of regret coupled with frustration over TV cooks & their ilk.

Here is Johnnie Mountain’s post, everything in it are his views, & not necessarily those of anybody connected with

In My Honest Opinion….

After yesterday’s (Monday 18th March) twitter debacle, I felt compelled to put ‘pen to paper’….
For those that really know me, I am sure you understand, for those that don’t, well here goes.
I have a problem with people who profess to be something that they are clearly not, you know what I am talking about, thieves, robbers, muggers of old ladies, bullies and the likes….. and although this sounds a little over the top when I see so-called ‘celebrity chef’s’ informing the nation of cooking tips or techniques that are so wrong, it infuriates me.
I know I only received a famous ‘2’ from Marcus Wareing and therefore in some people’s opinion, who the f*ck am I?
Well I’ll tell you who the f*ck I am, I have worked in the catering business for over 25 years, working for some of the best in the business and certainly some of the worst in the industry, I started building my own restaurants 13 years ago and sure I have had a couple of failures, but at least I tried. Most of my life before this I was a drunk, a really shitty, aggressive, bullying alcoholic!!
After marriage to my beautiful wife Manjri and the birth of our children becoming a truthful person became imperative….why would you bring another human into this world and fill their heads full of shit??
Then the TV world approached me, it wasn’t me running to them and after a number of years and a number of requests I decided to go for it….Borra Garson was at the top of my list as an agent and after she kindly accepted me into her ‘fold’ a couple of opportunities came my way. This is when the problems started, meeting and seeing people on television that had little knowledge and yet they were very popular with the General Public, I thought WTF, or rather Why the F*ck do people still watch them?? Believing the information that these ‘chef’s’ give out really, really hurts. It hurts because it’s not true or accurate and falling back into the realms of being ‘false’
Well if that’s the world we live in, so be it. F*ck television, they didn’t really like me in the first place!!…
So for all you cyclists that ride through red lights, motorcyclists (which I am one!!) that ride down cycle lanes, pedestrians that cross the road without looking, cheats, womaniser’s, abuser’s and all you so-called, wannabe, successful(or not) TV Chef’s……F*CK YOU and Goodnight!!


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7 thoughts on “Johnnie Mountain, TV Chefs & Twitter.

  • James Marshall

    Fair point. Particularly regarding Mr Martin – but I’m not sure why that is relevant? Very much in the way that two rosettes are not really relevant.
    Anyway I wish you all the best. Those who can; do. Those who can’t; blog.

    • chefhermes Post author

      Clearly Mr Marshall when you talk about

      any moron with opposable thumbs

      , I just realised it may have been a moment of reflection. You only have to read past Saturday morning tweets from Mr Mountain and his acidic commentary on Mr Martin ( see what I did there? Twitter, Johnnie Mountain & James Martin).
      My point about the AA rosettes is that we were both judged my the same criteria by our peers, & thus making it relevent. It shows how far up the accoladed tree Mr Martin climbed before changing direction to an entertainer.

      Because I now longer desire to be working 14+hrs a day, like I have for the past 25 yrs, by your judgement means I can’t. The fact that I’m changing career & utilising my skill set to share my knowledge makes me inferior in your eyes is just laughable.

      So, all in all, two comments & you look pretty stupid really.
      My blog, my rules; I can, I have & now I blog it!

  • James Marshall

    Twitter has such benefits in some cases, it is just a shame that any moron with opposable thumbs can gain access to it, even if their grammar is appalling. Johnnie needs to a) get over himself b) concentrate on building a beautiful family and a successful business, rather than wasting energy getting burned by the media chimaera and then throwing his toys out of the pram because they didn’t like him.
    And I would have thought that this website’s “impartiality” may have seen its way to not publishing his comments. But then, it’s not that impartial is it…..
    Kindred spirits perhaps.

    • chefhermes Post author

      Oh, so many faults with your comment Mr Marshall, but here is the main one. It’s my blog & therefore my rules; don’t like it, don’t read it. It is as simple as that, but the fact that over 10,000 people so far this month have taken the time to read this blog say you might have mis-judged the situation.

      I’ve posted Mr Mountain’s post & had discussions with the two other chefs mentioned & it’s a subject that I think is worth talking about. Before my Twitter break I got into a discussion over the merits of James Martin being a Roux Scholar judge. How he is qualified is beyond, not just me but many grassroots chefs. He’s never held anything accolade wise more than myself (2AA rosettes, I gained mine in a 3month period – took Mr Martin a year), and actually his deli wasn’t too far away for being shut down on hygiene reasons. I await my call to arms Mr Roux!

      Hopefully the two chefs/TV personalities will write their respective posts as you seem to think that this site is bias in some way. But the fact is this, you can say what you like about Mr Mountain, but people obviously like reading about him. With all the ‘big’ names on this site: Wignall; Outlaw; Murchison; Byrne; Dufresne; Vines; Rayner; O’Loughlin and others, Johnnie Mountain holds the top 2 highest read posts & by a long way at that.

      So Mr Marshall, I’ll say it again, as I have so many times before. The criteria for what actually gets published by me on my blog is this: Would I like to read it. And if you think it’s easy, then go & set up your own.

  • Critical Phil

    One thing that is very clear in all these bun fights, unless you are very restrained (or get someone with some PR/Marketing knowledge to do it for you), Twitter is best left alone.

    Still, it brightens up a dull day.