Great lunch deals in January

As you may have gathered by now, I spend an  inordinate amount of time on twitter. And as I sat there watching my twitter feed  constantly refreshing, I was thinking ‘what ever happened to the FT & Times lunch offers in January?’. Having said that, one of the recurring themes in the past week is the amount of great lunch deals there are out there at the moment. Just to make sure I hadn’t missed any great offers I sent out a tweet:

#Chefs if you’re doing your version of a winter sale, please get in touch. ie 2 courses for £20 etc, you know the thing. Pls RT ta x

As quick as a flash Gidleigh Park were on it, first retweeting and then sending me a link. Now I make no secret that I love Gidleigh, and Michael Caines’ food. So for me this is probably the best reason anybody will have to visit:

Seasonal Lunch offer two courses £35.00 per person, three courses £47.00 per person: Website offer

Michael Caines lunch

Salt cod from Gidleigh Park in February 2012

Needless to say, that is a good offer, but there is a better deal on the table from another 2 Michelin star chef. Marcus Wareing at The Berkeley has gone even lower.

Seasonal Lunch offer two courses £30.00 per person, three courses £38.00 per person: Website menu

So the bar has been set quite high (or low dependant on your point of view) by two double Michelin starred eateries offering a  great way to while away a a good couple of hours. So what else is out there? Well another Michelin starred respondent was Mark Dodson of The Mason’s Arms, Knowstone, North Devon. He tweeted me his current offer:

 Set lunch 2 courses for £20 or 3 courses for £25. Very popular!

Twitter user @Veggie_Frog also sent me a suggestion:

This has to feature: @parkersarms“2013” menu: 3 courses from 20 mile radius £13 only, throughout Jan. Tues-Fri, lunch & dinner

Geoffrey Smeddle, Chef Patron of The Peat Inn, also tweeted me an outstanding offer, probably the best I’ve seen in a 1 Michelin star restaurant:

 @ChefHermes three course lunch canapés of course £19 #thepeatinn for warm one star experience.

Other tweets that I should mention are:

3 courses £10.95 at Pittenweem Inn, Fife

Three courses £18 at 16 West end, Fife

In times of austerity you’d be forgiven for thinking that the only way to go is to slash prices, after all when you’re perceived to be expensive and a luxury as Michelin starred restaurants tend to be what is the alternative? During the recession in the 1980’s Marco Pierre White famously put the prices up, why? The train of thought was that the people who already had money to visit the hottest restaurant of the  moment would continue to do so, working on the demand out stripping supply philosophy. It’s a risky strategy to say the very least & not one that anybody else seems to share. So what other offers have I found that may interest you the reader? Well, there are these:

Michelin starred Manor House, Castle Coombe, Bath: 2 course £25, 3 courses £30 – Website menu

Newly Michelin starred The Raby Hunt, Summerhouse, Nr. Darlington, Co. Durham: 2 course £20, 3 courses £24 – Website menu

Michelin starred Texture, London: 2 course £19.90, 3 courses £24.90 – Website menu

Allium Brasserie, Bath: 2 course £14.95, 3 courses £19 – Website menu

Michelin starred Kitchen W8, London:   2 course £17.50, 3 courses £19.50 – Website menu

Double Michelin starred The Ledbury, London: 2 course £30, 3 courses £35 – Website menu

Michelin starred Pollen Street Social, London: 2 course £24, 3 courses £27.50 – Website menu

Michelin starred Robert Thompson at The Hambrough, Isle of Wight: 2 course £24, 3 Courses (including glass of wine) £29 – Website menu

Michelin starred Drakes Restaurant, Surrey: 3 courses plus a glass of wine £30 – Website menu

Whilst the weather in recent days has been bad, there is never a better chance to sample some of the best restaurants the country has to offer.

robert thompson

Petit fours from The Hambrough, Robert Thompson

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