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Restaurant critics on Twitter

I was reading back through some of my old posts recently and one that regularly gets attention is ‘The restaurant critics on Twitter’ post from May 2011. So as a light hearted post while I’m researching more heavy duty projects, I thought I’d revisit it.

In the past twelve months social media and in particular Twitter has come of age. It offers consumers a direct line to big business, revolutionaries an uncensored broadcasting medium, bloggers a loud hailer to be heard, but ultimately you are only as good as your last tweet.

I tried to explain to a Facebook user why I prefer Twitter over its main competitor, and the best analogy I could come up with was

“Facebook is for people you went to school with, Twitter is for people you WISH you went to school with.”

The other upside to Twitter against Facebook is that you’re free to choose who to follow, no ‘friend’ requests and no getting added to groups against your will (which is a constant bug bear of mine on Facebook). But I digress. These days it appears that all and sundry are on Twitter: some use it to sell their wares; some to poke fun at celebrities with parody accounts; others just to engage with like minded individuals.

So with updated figures, some new entries and movement here is the new list, after all, a man loves a list.




Twitter bio

Giles Coren


Father of the more famous Kitty.

Jay Rayner


Eats, writes about it. Ponces about on telly. Has big hair.

Micheal Winner


I am a totally insane film director, writer, producer, silk shirt cleaner, bad tempered, totally ridiculous example of humanity in deep shit

Zoe Williams



Writer, bon viveur

Marina O’Loughlin



Restaurants. Travel. ‘Obnoxious scenester consumerist chimpanzee.’

Richard Vines



Bloomberg’s food critic. UK & Ireland panel chair World’s 50 Best Restaurants.

Kate Spicer



journalist. occasional broadcaster. made a film. mission to lars.

Andy Lynes



Food, drink and travel journalist Editor, Britain’s Finest Restaurants Founder, Brighton Food Society

Amol Rajan



Adviser: @mrevgenylebedev. Writer: @independent, @indyonsunday, @theipaper; trustee: @ProspexTweets; reggae nut; author, #Twirlymen. Tweets (very) personal

Joanna Blythman



Journalist and author

This year there are three new entries and several people falling out of the chart for different reasons. Many will notice that Matthew Fort is no longer in the list and with 13,242 followers he would certainly be making the top five. But unfortunately Mr Fort left his position as Guardian Food & Drink editor after fifteen years in January and so now is effectively a blogger at Fort on Food. I would also like to point out that bloggers don’t make the list, purely for logistically reasons.

Other people that didn’t make the top ten were:

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3 thoughts on “Top 10 most followed UK restaurant critics on Twitter 2012

  • Cyrus

    Brilliant post! I love it.
    I would have loved to see a few comments from your followers on these people.
    I also see you missed one of the greatest bon viveur: Charles Campion.

    • chefhermes Post author

      Unfortunately Charles Campion isn’t on Twitter to the best of my knowledge. If you see the Slow Feed @ the Crown at Whitebrook post, you’ll see that I got to meet him. We discussed various topics, ranging from ‘The 50 Best’ to the french tyre company guide book.