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Entering the new year with what is now the seventh market produce supplement from Lou at Wild Harvest. If you’d like to speak to any of the team at Wild Harvest, then their contact details are at the bottom of the page.

Wild Mushrooms & Truffles

A second flush of Cep has popped up in South Africa; we are not sure how long this second flush will last, but our delivery today are small and clean.  We will make hay whilst the sun shines.

American Girolles are still consistent, but we will be moving to Portugal next week for smaller specimens.  Healthy European crops have also pushed the price down of French yellow-legged Chanterelle and Portuguese Pied de Mouton and Trompette.  All are in excellent condition, clean, good colour and complete mushrooms.

There may well be scraps of white & autumn truffles around, but our recommendation are fine Perigord tubers. At their best now with a regular size (perfect for slicing) great nose and marbling. With better climate conditions on the ground and the sobriety of the new year, prices have dropped. Italian Winter black truffles are also coming in, also great quality, though the season has come to an end for us with regards to white truffle.

Seasonal Produce

Now available:

o        Scottish Sea Kale

o        Blood oranges (not quite at their bloody best but getting there)

o        The first of Seville oranges; good for marmalades or a lovely bitter tinged sorbet.

o        Canadian Cherries

o        South African Peaches and Apricots

o        Peruvian Oca Tuber

o        Crosnes (also known as Japanese Artichokes)

Our extensive range of exotic roots & shoots forge on.
Season End:

o        Muscat Grapes

o        Chickweed

o        Purple baby carrots

o        Golden baby beetroot


We have put pressure on our Highlands supplier to open up the fresh venison offering again for the week; we can currently offer Venison saddles and haunches.

The Grouse season has come to an end, but we can supply pheasant, partridge, wood pigeon, mallard and hare until the end of the shooting season.

I hope you had a great festive break; I spent my Christmas and New Year at the farm.  We drank ourselves merry on whiskey and dined like kings on goose from Wild Harvest (which was just beautiful) and the most incredible, home-grown pigs-in-blankets, courtesy of bacon, sausage and chop.  This Christmas seems to have been a great year for kitchen utensils; I was given the best whisk ever (pastry chefs will hopefully sympathize with the importance of balance and shape, ratio of whisk to handle, weight and the number of spokes – a good whisk is my highly prized utensil) and Paola received the biggest pepper mill we have seen in the Wild Harvest offices.

As ever, if you have any questions please do get in touch with your account manager who you will find copied into this email.  We hope 2012 is full of adventures for you and your team and I am sure this year will bring you prosperity, successes and happiness.

If you have any further questions please do get in touch with guys & gals at Wild Harvest.

Always a big thanks to Lou at Wild Harvest for making this possible.

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