Market Produce Supplement

Coming to the end of the year and here is the market produce supplement from the kind people at Wild Harvest in Covent Garden.

Mushrooms & Truffles

o       American Girolles are coming in smaller than past deliveries but a little damp and dirty.  If you prefer, to keep your menu ticking over we do have frozen graded Girolles, which may be of interest.

o      Grey Chanterelles are still my favourite, coming from France now.  They have a brighter yellow stem than their Viking friends and due to colder weather are as sturdy.  They are clean, complete and perfectly formed; a great alternative to girolles for pickling.

o       Trompette de la Mort is in full swing; a beautiful blue-black colour. They’re in good shape, nice and clean, complete and dry.

o       Pied de Mouton also seems to be in full swing after a slow start to the season; now coming from Turkey.  Clean, creamy-coloured, complete and firm these are beautiful.

o       South African Cep came in last week; it was lovely and maggot free.  We are hoping for more in the week but we will have to update you as and when they come in.  Follow us on twitter to keep up to date

Italian Black Winter Truffles will be available from Monday and we are hoping for our first delivery of this years elusive Perigord Truffle on Tuesday.


Seasonal Produce

o        Romanesco Broccoli

o        White Cauliflower

o        Oca Tuber

o        Green Radish

o        Mixed Decorative Squash

o        Cima di Rapa

o        Black Cabbage

o        Heritage coloured Carrots

o        Jerusalem Artichoke

o        Parsley Root

o        Chervil Root

o        Crosnes

o        Salsify

o        Mooli

o        Crapaudine Beetroot

o        Golden & Candied Beetroot

o        Yellow Courgette

o        Chickweed

o        Alexanders

o        Rosehips

o        Sloes

o        Sea Buckthorn

o        Sea Aster

o        Sea Beet

o        Sea Purslane

o        Nettles

Please also find our Christmas opening hours below.

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As always if you have any further questions please do get in touch with guys & gals at Wild Harvest.

Always a big thanks to Lou at Wild Harvest for making this possible.

Wild Harvest Ltd

Units B61-64 New Covent Garden Market


W: WildHarvestUK

T:020 7498 5397


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