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Just in this afternoon from the team at Wild Harvest, with all the goings on & low down at markets, it’s the market produce supplement.

Wild Mushrooms & Truffle

In the midst of a difficult mushroom season Bulgarian Mousseron and Grey-Legged Chanterelle from Sweden are going strong; both have great flavour, look beautiful and will stand up well on any plate this season.  Graded Girolles are now coming from America; they are American so bigger and bolder than their European relatives but great colour and flavour.  Trompettes have also been secure this week from America and we are hoping Turkey will add to the pot, along with Pied de Mouton.  Keep updated on twitter to find out what we are getting in on a daily basis.

The Cep rollercoaster continues.  We have secured a small delivery of French Boletus Edulis and Boletus Pinicola from Spain for this week; please call your account manager to secure your order. 

Dried verpa morels are now back in stock after a global shortage.  There is a great improvement in quality and packaging for those that want a little luxury this festive season.

White truffle continues to be perfect; incredible aroma, beautiful quality and flavour – they will be welcomed on any plate.

Autumn truffles would normally cross over with Perigords at this time of the year, however, dry conditions on the ground in Italy is still making it difficult to find good quality mushrooms.  Again, we have secured a small delivery for this week, but we are expecting a small gap in availability whilst Perigord and Winter truffles mature in the ground.  Frozen Chinese truffles are of good quality to help tide you over.

Seasonal & Foraged Produce

Lovely frozen Bapamanga puree; a cunning labour-saving blend of banana, pineapple and mango

Spicy Green Radish



Grouse & wood pigeon continue to avoid the Scottish shot. All other lines are in good supply.


As always if you have any further questions please do get in touch with guys & gals at Wild Harvest.

Always a big thanks to Lou at Wild Harvest for making this possible.

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