Seasonal Produce ~ July

So now with summer in full swing and various chefs tweeting their food porn, the sky is the limit or as far as your imagination goes concerning produce. Although the current trend for ‘Modern Cuisine’ still lingers, the there has become a train of thought which is taking chefs back to the classics. Former Pastry chef of WD-50 & now restaurateur Alex Stupak was quoted as saying, on twitter;

Modern cuisine isn’t really modern anymore

It’s probably true as it’s cooking by numbers & the real innovators are the ones that everybody else follows & dilutes.

So to this month’s produce list & downloadble PDF.



Artichokes (Baby, French Globe), Asparagus (White), Aubergines, Avocados, Beans (Borlotti, English Bobby, English Broad, English Runner, Provencal Coco, Yellow Butter), Beetroot (Baby Golden/Candy, golden), Borage Flower, Cabbage (Pointy, prima, black, Cavello Nero)

Carrot (Baby Yellow & Black), Cauliflower, Celery, Corn Cobs (Spanish), Courgette (Flower garden, courgettes), Cucumber, Fennel (English Baby, Italian), Garlic ( New season, French Wet (Finishing) ), Horseradish, Leek (English Baby), Lovage, Marrows, Almonds, Onions (French Grelot, Silver skin Button, large silver skin, Spanish new crop), Peas.

Potatoes (Early, belle de fontay, binjte, charlottes, estima, kestrel, pink fir apple, ratte, maris-piper, Cyprus, jersey royal, maris piper), Radish, Salad (Boston King, buttercrunch, Dandelion (pissenlit), frissee curly, little gems, mash, mesclun, mizuna, Mustard greens, oak leaf, pourpier, Rienne des glace, scarole, Purslane, Sorrel, Watercress – English, Curly endive, Pea shoots, baby spinach, Tat Soi), Samphire (Marsh), Savoury Summer, Shallots.

Tomatoes (English Salad, Heirloom, Italian Baby San Mezzano, Jersey Vine Tomatoes, cherry red, cherry yellow, plum vine, beef, Coeur de Boeuf veritable (Fr), Verona (Fr), Rose de Berne (Fr) ).

Turnips (English Baby, French Flat, baby long, early small purple tops), Wood Sorrel (Limited)


Apples (Granny smith), Apricots (french), Blackberries, Blackcurrants, Cherries (French, English, White(naps)), Elderberries, Gooseberries, Figs (Provence French, Spanish, Italian), Frais du Bois, Mangoes (Air Freight, Alphonso/Kesar, large Indian), Maras du Bois, Melon water,Nectarines (white), Peaches (Flat mountain, flat French, flat Spanish), Plums, Greengages, Raspberries, Redcurrants, Rhubarb (English Outdoor), Tayberry, White currants, Yuzu (Yellow & Green)

Game & Meat

Beef, Deer (Roe, Bucks), Duckling, Hares, Lamb, Pigeon (Wood- English), Quail, Rabbit.


Anchovy, Bream (Black, Pink), Brill, Cod, Coley, Dab, Eel, Hake, Halibut (Greenland, Pacific), Hokey, Megrim, Perch, Pollack, Salmon (wild), Sea Trout, Sea bass, Skate, Dover sole, Thornback Ray (rocker),Trout (brown, rainbow), Turbot, Whiting, Zander.


Pineapple weed, Elderberries, Elderflowers, Marsh Samphire, Rock Samphire, Wild Sea beet, Sea Purslane, Orache, Sea Blite, Sea Lettuce, Lava Bread, Shore Crabs, Wild rocket, Lambs sorrel, Wood sorrel, Wild margoram, Wild fennel, Wild mint, Chickweed, Meadow Sweet, Wild Celery.

Sow Thistle, Burdock, RestHarrow, Spear Thistle, Ground Ivy, Mulberries,

Chanterelle, Horse mushroom, Slippery Jacks, Pied de mouton, Giant Puff balls, Cep, August Boletus.

Printable PDF of July’s produce

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