The ’50 Best Restaurants’ via Google Maps

The idea for this post was born out of a tweet that blogger Chris Pople (of Cheese n Biscuits blog fame) tweeted last week. It was shortly after the release of the 50 Best restaurant list & although I’m not entirely sure what prompted it, seemed like a good idea.

Using Google maps he posted a picture and location of El Cellar de Can Roca in Gerona, Spain. So using the same technique as a base, I thought to see if I could work my way through the ’50 Best Restaurant list’.

There is, as many of you will know the obvious omission of El Bulli (many feel because the Restaurant magazine editor couldn’t get a table) from the Top 50 list, and unfortunately this list will be missing the stellar restaurant as well, but for different reasons. There are a few establishments where the Google cameras haven’t been & El Bulli is one of them sadly. Fortunately on top of the annual award list, I have added other significant restaurants worthy of a mention

Restaurant Sat Bains, Le Gavroche, Restaurant Gordon Ramsay, Le Champignon Sauvage, WD~50 , Maison Pic , Attica, Tetsuya’s & The French Laundry.

So here we go:

The World’s 50 Best Restaurant Awards 1-50

Rank Position Restaurant Country
1 Noma Denmark
2 Up 2 El Celler De Can Roca Spain
3 Up 2 Mugaritz Spain
4 Up 2 Osteria Francescana Italy
5 Down 2 The Fat Duck UK
6 Up 1 Alinea USA
7 Up 11 D.O.M Brazil
8 Up 1 Arzak Spain
9 Up 2 Le Chateaubriand France
10 Per Se USA
11 Down 3 Daniel USA
12 Up 12 Les Creations de Narisawa Japan
13 Up 3 L’Astrance France
14 Up 15 L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon France
15 Up 2 Hof van Cleve Belgium
16 Down 3 Pierre Gagnaire France
17 Up 2 Oud Sluis Netherlands
18 Down 3 Le Bernardin USA
19 Re-Entry L’Arpege France
20 Up 28 Nihonryori RyuGin Japan
21 Up 1 Vendome Germany
22 Down 1 Steirereck Austria
23 Up 7 Schloss Schauenstein Switzerland
24 Up 26 Eleven Madison Park USA
25 Up 9 Aqua Germany
26 Up 1 Quay Australia
27 Up 1 Iggy’s Singapore
28 Up 7 Combal Zero Italy
29 Up 4 Martin Berasategui Spain
30 Re-Entry Bras France
31 Up 15 Biko Mexico
32 Down 12 Le Calandre Italy
33 Re-Entry Cracco Italy
34 New Entry The Ledbury UK
35 Down 12 Chez Dominique Finland
36 Down 5 Le Quartier Francais South Africa
37 New Entry Amber Hong Kong
38 Down 2 Dal Pescatore Italy
39 Up 1 Il Canto Italy
40 Down 14 Momofuku Ssam Bar USA
41 Up 2 St John UK
42 New Entry Astrid Y Gaston Peru
43 Up 6 Hibiscus UK
44 Maison Troisgros France
45 Down 4 Alain Ducasse au Plaza Athenee France
46 Down 9 De Librije Netherlands
47 Down 33 Restaurant de l’Hotel De Ville Switzerland
48 New Entry Varvary Russia
49 New Entry Pujol Mexico
50 Re-Entry Asador Etxebarri Spain

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