Update on the charlton house escapade 1

Cor blimey it’s been a busy day with the rumour mill.

With the stats on the blog we can see what people are putting into search engines to find the blog, consistently over the past 10 days or so the words ‘Bannatyne’ & ‘Charlton House’  have been cropping up together. Now as we did a post on this not so long ago, we’re flattered that people want to take time to read what we post. Needless to say it cropped up so much that curiosity got the better of us.

During the course of us investigating the immanent sale of Charlton House by the administrators we have discovered that The Bannatyne Group having registered a company by the name of Bannatyne Spa Hotel (Charlton House) Limited.

So, armed with some contact details for Big Duncan we thought we’d give it a spin & just ask the question;

Hi Duncan

Please tell me this is a coincidence?


For what ever reason Mr Bannatyne has refused to deny that it’s true, so there you have it. We reckon it’s a go-er!

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