Martin Blunos to return to the stoves? 2

After a busy week on the blog with our new series of 5 Questions, we weren’t really expecting to do many more posts this week. But a phone call late this afternoon was just too good to miss doing a post on.

One of our favourite former Michelin starred chefs has signed a deal with Thistle Hotel in Cardiff.

Former two star chef Martin Blunos will be initially working at The Thistle Parc, Cardiff in what is currently known as Hamon’s Restaurant full time. Whether or not the restaurant will be re-branded is unclear, but the remit for Mr Blunos apparently is to achieve accolades. This is a massive U turn for Thistle Hotels, who 2 years ago brought in a consultant chef with the same brief. Recession obviously hit the group hard and a new Financial Director cut costs, just at the point when some of their properties were achieving 2 AA rosette status.

Mr Blunos clearly has what it takes to deliver the goods, after successfully running two, 2 Michelin starred restaurants in Lettonie & then Blinis, he then went on to gain a star at The Lygon Arms in Broadway. Since then he has been cultivating more of a media presence, appearing on Channel 4’s Iron Chef & MasterChef Australia (demostrating his boiled egg & soliders)

We’d obviously like to congratulate Mr Martin Blunos on his appointment. 

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2 thoughts on “Martin Blunos to return to the stoves?

  • A

    Great news for Cardiff if this happens. I only hope it is a sucess, both Lettonie and Blinis were superb. Lygon Arms seemed to lack the sparkle of the previous ventures, hopefully nothing to do with not being a Chef / Patron.

  • John Williams

    Hi Chef hermies I was interested to see what Martin was up to and went on to the site when I then realised
    that the table setting in the picture was very familiar !! then it dawned on me that it is the Parc in cardiff
    I was the consultant chef brought in to make it a destination restaurant ,we won 2 rosettes within 2 weeks
    and were at committee stage with a recommendation for 3 rosettes after 4 months when i decided enough was enough the restaurant was empty most of the time because it as not marketed at all and the hotel is mainly
    a function and events led business there is no interest in fine dining in the city and even though I had achieved
    3 rosettes and a michelin star there was little interest in us so im not sure that is a great move for Martin
    also as i left the hotel made most of the chef de partie redundant and restructured so they could buy everything including soup /croutons from 3663!! not a gastronomic destination that was hoped for me thinks!!
    Regards John Williams F.M.C.G.B