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So one of the big news stories this week in Hospitality is that Micheal Caines is leaving Gidleigh Park after 21 years, something this site reported back in May. This week also saw the AA get happy with the rosettes, along with anointing Daniel Clifford Chef’s Chef of the Year.

In the meantime, I’ve been reading this:

Stories from the Inbox

Relish Publications pinged me an email about their forth coming books:

On November 2nd, we will be launching our latest offering – Relish Midlands Second Helping at The Belfry Hotel & Resort, which features 20 of the crème de la crème of The Midlands regional restaurants.

They are also offering 50% off former Michelin starred chef, Jean C. Novelli’s new book.

Just use the code “NOVELLI50” whilst ordering directly: From Here


Rebecca Appleton from Dakota Digital got in touch about her client’s new product, Smoke Genie

smoke genie


Creating delicious smoked dishes to dazzle your dinner guests has never been easier, thanks to the Smoke Genie – the new must-have kitchen invention for enthusiastic foodies everywhere. The pure wood creation, which can be lit with a naked flame, allows home chefs to smoke hot or cool food easily and consistently, for tasty, flavourful dishes that are sure to wow family and friends at every meal.

For more information: Smoke Genie


Lyles are doing their annual Game dinners, the list of chef participating is stellar I have to say;


The email continues to describe the £135 per person event as:

On Friday 16th and Saturday 17th October 2015, we’re hosting Game, an event comprising two dinners that celebrate British game season. We have invited six of the best chefs from overseas to come and have the opportunity to cook with produce they have never had access to before.

For further details see: Game-London


This is the interview where Gordon Ramsay owns a journalist for being a knob

  • The moment when you have to put some people back in their box, after they try to troll you:

  • Sometimes you just have to ask WHY?

  • The Poke website understands Hospitality:

  • When you just have to correct somebody:

  • She has a point, but then again it was Nigella Lawson, so probably worth it 🙂

  • When a 5minute job turns into an AFD for Elliott Lidstone’s commis

After all that, you’re going to want some foodporn.



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