The Weekend Edition

So it’s the weekend after the Michelin release, & quite frankly it was a bit of disappointment, even taking into account the leak. Other than that, there really hasn’t been any other culinary news worth talking about.

Tweet of the week

Shortly after the Michelin 2016 release was out in the open & the results were confirmed, the Birmingham Mail started taunting their Manchester rivals:

Tales from the Inbox

Caroline Benjamin got in touch with a generous offer for the readers of Caroline’s company, Food Allergy Awareness Training & Consultancy is offering a discount if you book before September 30th & opt for invoicing payment method.


FATC has been set up to offer food allergy awareness training to food operation businesses allowing them to understand their obligations under the new law. In addition to this we are able to offer food safety training.

If you’d like to take advantage of this offer, use the code below & opt for the invoicing method of payment.


Big thanks to Caroline for offering this to the readership.

Talk about taking one for the team!

Saw this on Twitter:

A Nobel Laureate Sampled Cat Food in The Name of Science

I’m sorry, unless you’re a student who is playing kitchen cupboard roulette (remove all the labels from the cans in you cupboards, then create a meal from the first 4 tins you pull out), Why would you do this? Definitely not a submission for Michelin 2016.

Full story: First we feast

Second content for tweet of the week:

Michelin NYC live tweeting a meal, #NoStarForYou

That’s a no to Oatmeal latte then:


Youtube courtesy of Mark Greenaway:


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