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So in a week that saw Pizza Express capitulate to public pressure over charging staff to process card tips & gratuities, swiftly followed by Zizzi & Ask brands. There has been no doubt that theses decisions have only happened due  public pressure, not the confrontational style of the Unite or GMB unions. So if you’re a share holder of these companies, bear this in mind. Who is going to pay the commission to American Express, Visa or Mastercard, to process theses card payments? Something for all their bluster the unions seem to forget.

Stories from the Inbox

First up is from Alex Wibberley, the Executive Pastry chef at Michelin starred South Lodge. He’s doing a rather different pop-up restaurant, a pastry version. It’ll be in Brighton, at the Artist Residence, 33 Regency Square, BN1 2GG

pastry pop up

Tickets are £40 per person, for more details, see here: Pastry Pop-up


The Bear Coffee co are opening up in Uttoxeter High Street.

The PR blurb says:

Armed with premium quality produce, friendly service and an ever present personal touch, Bear Coffee Co is at the forefront of the third wave coffee movement that is currently sweeping the globe. Rather than treat coffee as a commodity the movement considers the product as an artisan foodstuff worthy of meticulous attention to detail.

This philosophy encompasses all stages of production, from growing, harvesting and trading to fresh roasting, grinding and expert preparation. With its ‘farm to cup’ mentality, commitment to enhancing quality of taste and dedication to working with local suppliers, Bear Coffee Co embodies the essence of the third wave coffee movement.

For more info: The Bear Coffee co


Yes, the Rugby World cup isn’t too far away, or as The Bingham in SW London said “Scrum & Try”. Oh dear on the pun front guys. Any way, I can heartily recommend The Bingham, having stayed there about 18months ago.

The PR blurb says:

Looking for a fabulous venue to share with clients or colleagues during the rugby celebrations (18-31 October)? The Bingham is the stylish answer to all your entertainment and enjoyment this Autumn. With only 16 days left before the first whistle blows, consider the riverside setting for your pre-match lunch, BBQ screening and corporate or private events.

For more info: The Bingham


Just to let you know, next week, we’ll have an exclusive offer for our readers



Even the best get things slightly wrong. I spotted this jem floating through my Twitter timeline this week:

 FYI, if you’re a waiter & want to work with some of the best in the country, then this job is probably for you.


Loved this from Elizabeth on Food:

The McWhopper

Whilst many have dreamed of ‘The McWhopper’, I doubt few actually understand its origins. Yes, a collaboration between two Super Heavy weights of the fast food world could be on the cards, and for a very good cause as well.

September 21st, is World Peace Day, and the proposal is for one day only McDonalds & Burger King will join forces to create a burger behemoth; The McWhopper. Want to know what it’ll look like? No Problems:



Sadly, the proposal is for a one day pop up, located half way between both Corporate headquarters, which would mean Atlanta. Also it looks like McDondalds have poo – poo’d the idea, so it doesn’t look like it’ll happen.


Tripadvisor & the poke:

A lesson for PR companies…..

………..You aren’t meant to be the story. Lotus PR’s attempt to woo me went badly wrong this week.

Lotus PR

Oh, & FYI Lotus PR – HESTON BLUMENTHAL ISN’T SELF TAUGHT , He openly admits that he spent time at Le Manoir Aux Quat Saisons, under Marco Pierre White. This is documented in serveral interviews & Mr White’s biography. Facts beat spin & lies.



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