The Weekend Edition

This weeks round up of culinary shenanigans covers such topics as: Celebrity Masterchef; #Foodporn; A 2Michelin starred chef’s future plans & lots other high jinx.

First up:

A 2Michelin starred chef’s future plans

This week saw Daniel Clifford of Midsummer House unveil is epic plans for his farm.

Writing on Twitter, he said:

Closer inspection reveals plans for a function suite & a cookery school. Good luck Mr Clifford, we salute you.

Celebrity Masterchef

Yes the ageing format (& presenters) have returned for yet another series to drain the licence fee payer’s pocket, where the absolute only outcome is that one of the contestants can revive their ailing career. Don’t believe me? Would any half decent chef want Sarah Harding working in their kitchen (skip to 28mins 49 secs):

For 10 years we, as an industry, have endured this belittling & mocking by the BBC, really, can’t they find better ways to use our money?

Burger bar to gourmet star

A few of you may remember the TV programme of the same name, where profile chefs (mostly Michelin starred) took a young protégé under their wing for some intense training. The programme culminated in the young chef effectively standing on their own two feet in a highly rated kitchen elsewhere.

This week Carl Sampson, who was mentored by Daniel Clifford( @midsummerchef), tweeted this:

Great to see some of these guys are still getting support.

So very British.

Drive through take-aways have long been the domain of American style food; burgers & deep fried chicken mainly.

Now the UK are taking the fight on with this:

When Social Media mocks you



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