The Weekend Edition

In the week when we welcomed a new Royal baby into the world & the General Election stepped up another gear into negativity, I’ve been enjoying lots on social media & the internet.

 Chefs on Trail

Popular culture commentator &  all round go to guy for social media, Angry Britain, was watching Alex Polizzi’s latest TV foray, Chefs on Trial. Whilst I’ll be waiting till next week to write a more indepth review of recent TV chef offerings, he summed it up with one tweet:

Where as my view was:

It’s not been a great week to be enjoying food.

Firstly news broke of a man being cooked to death in a commercial pressure cooker with tinned Tuna: Full story on Huffington Post

The this story on First we Feast, about Pork being served to primary school children which was actually older that they were: Full story on First we Feast.

Subway manager takes lessons from David Brent

In an age where the Hospitality sector is struggling to attract & retain staff, using Ricky Gervais’ character, David Brent from The Office, as your role model to motivate staff isn’t going  to be a good idea. However, that clearly hasn’t stopped Ayr Subway Manager, Kenny Thomson, apparently doing just that. He reportedly sent new recruit, 17-year-old Declan McCurdie an abusive text criticising his weight and beard soon after employing the new starter:

Brilliant reply. You are now part of the team with that text. We love you already. Ha. Lose the silly beard thing, it’s Bum fluff! The weight will drop soon. Wait til a proper Saturday shift.

and continued with:

You were crap last week. This week you are the toilet paper! Much better effort. But still slow as a week in jail. Get to bed early.

Full story & statement from Subway UK & Eire here: The Independent

 #Foodporn in my timeline this week



Sesame Street do an Avengers parody – “The Aveggies: Age of Bon Bon.”

And finally:

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