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This week saw ChefHermes.com turn 5 years old. Hard to believe that when I started out on this journey that it would have lead me to where it is now.

I posted this message on Facebook to celebrate the occasion, & thank everybody concerned:

Big thx for all the birthday wishes.

Yes, ChefHermes.com is 5yrs old today & to be honest, I really couldn’t have done it with out my wife, & you the readers/supporters. It really has been an emotional journey, full of highs & lows. But the end result has been something from nothing, to which now gets thousands of readers a week (mostly lawyers I imagine).

So a big thx to you all.

It really is quite humbling that people out in cyberspace, take time out of their day to read the drivel that I post. Again such a big thank you to you all.

Social media faux pas of the week award

I’ve decided to award the inaugural Social media faux pas of the week award or SMFPA,  to American doughnut company, Krispy Kreme.

Yes, their attempt to entertain kids in the half term, back fired in the worst possible way in the earlier part of the week. In a time where right wing & racist attitudes have become a political football, Krispy Kreme Hull decided to launch, via their Facebook page:

KKK Wednesday

Krispy Kreme in Hull launches KKK Wednesday

Needless to say Krispy Kreme UK HQ decided to backtrack issuing the following apology:

Krispy Kreme apologises unreservedly for the inappropriate name of a customer promotion at one of our stores. We are truly sorry for any offence this completely unintentional oversight may have caused.

All material, both online and in the store, has been withdrawn and steps are being taken to ensure that greater precautions are taken with publicity materials in the future.

US website decides to show Hipsters how to name their restaurants

Yes, one of my favourite websites of the moment, Thrillist.com, decided how to show people how to, or not as the case maybe, to name their restaurants.

The piece titled as:

All Restaurants Use These 22 Name Stereotype.

Such tips included:

  • Use all lowercase
  • Abbreviations ie KFC etc
  • Animal names
  • Over the top ethnic references
  • Rustic modifiers ie Jack Allen’s Kitchen
  • Obscure song/literature/film reference

For the full article, and I do suggest you read it as it’s quite humorous: See here

Is gluten really the problem?

For chefs of a certain age, they will have seen the growth in those requesting gluten free / coeliac meals grow at an exacerbating rate. In correctly coeliacs claim that they’re allergic to gluten, in fact it is an intolerance. Whilst that statement alone isn’t earth shattering, the mis-guided conception of self diagnosis means that 30% of adults consider that they have a food allergy, when in reality, the actual figure for those with a problem is closer to 2%.

Then the Washington Post published an article, which may warrant a rethink by some of those who aren’t necessarily coeliac, but maybe attebtion seekers. The article, titled:

Before you conclude that you’re gluten-sensitive, consider FODMAPs foods.

goes on to explain how gluten may not have been the culprit all along.

So chefs, you have been warned, this is probably the next big dietary requirement coming your way: Full article here

New Twitter follower….

It’s quite rare for me to get giddy about a new Twitter follower, yes I love you all dearly. But when a culinary legend not only starts to follow me, but then also replies to one of my tweets, it really is a strange feeling. I present to you, 3Michelin star chef & legend, Michel Guérard on Twitter:


Michel Guerard replying on Twitter 😀


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