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So what food related gems have I unearthed for you this week, well it ranges from the disturbing to mildly concerning, and onto WTF.

The way to Man’s heart, is through his stomach?!?

In a week which has seen an influx of various ways to flatter your partner on St Valentine’s day, there are things which just should be left alone.

Of the two following stories, I’m not sure which is worse. I’m just hoping my wife doesn’t read this & thinks that either are a good idea.

Making food from body fluids is nothing new to ChefHermes.com. A number of years ago I was asked to review a book by Paul “Fotie” Photenhauer entitled

Natural Harvest: A collection of semen based recipes

Yes, you read that right, a rather less subtle title should have been Cooking with cum, which is actually Fotie’s website.

Well it appears that in terms of depravity, new depths have been reached. PhD student Cecilia Westbrook made & ate yoghurt from her own vagina. Rumours that Danone are planning to make it, and use a well known restaurant critic because he’s on nodding terms of being a tw@t to promote it, appear to be completely unfounded.

Full story here on: i100

Secondly, it’s romantic to get a cast made of let’s say you wedding tackle, or your wife makes a bronze sculpture from breasts.

But who in their right mind would find a chocolate model of your partner’s butthole  a good idea.

Clearly somebody in the US did.

Full story here on: The Gaily Grind (NSFW)

Staffing in the new millenium.

There were two stories which caught my eye this week, which had the common denominator of hospitality staff running through them.

First, there was the new theme park hotel in Japan, where it will staffed initially with a mix of human & android staff. The Company hopes that the robots will eventually perform 90% of the hotel’s functions.

Full story here on: The Independent

The next is a Singapore restaurant’s plans to use drones to deliver food & drink. Don’t believe me, check out the video:

The small chain called Timbré wants to install the drones in its five outlets, at a cost, according to the BBC of $40,000 to $80,000 per drone.

Full story here on: The BBC news site

Too many hours ?!?

One of the biggest problems the hospitality sector has, is the excessive hours. However in France a local bakery has been forced to shut because it was open for too many days a week. Yes, the cheese eating surrender monkeys have gone bureaucracy mad, allegedly costing owner, Stéphane Cazenave, an estimated €250,000 per year because of an enforced 24hour per week closure.

Full story here on: The Daily Meal

A restaurant cancellation, doing the decent thing.

This story came out of a Tweet from restaurant critic Andy Hayler:

hayler tweet

Andy Hayler on Twitter

Needless to say I then watched for at least the next 20minutes as Hayler, then engaged with some of his 8,800+ followers over possible outcomes. In an age where ‘No Shows’ are more prevalent now than they have ever been, it appears that Hayler is being punished for doing the right thing. It’ll be interesting to see how this story develops, & what bearing this will have on any possible review Hayler may post.

It’s the attention to detail that counts….

Spotted this gem from a recruitment company on twitter, enjoy:

cv fail

CV fail

Yet more controversy from The Restaurant magazine.

Yes, the magazine which spawned the oh so transparent ‘Worlds 50 Best Restaurant‘ list, announced that Global were winners of ‘The chefs choice’ award for 2015. Needless to say this didn’t sit well with IO Shen knives & Natalie McVeigh’s supporters. The ridicule ensued at the expense of The Restaurant magazine, who’s only defence when scruitinised was:

@IOShenknives Hi Natalie. It’s not a matter of us ‘considering’ brands. We ask readers to name the brands they prefer & print the results

Followed by this reason when pressed:

@IOShenknives Well, it is

Needless to say, chefs started to really take the Mikey out of The Restaurant magazine, who had strangely gone quiet at this point. Here are a few of the samples, of chefs replying to them:







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