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So some little gems have I seen this week on social media, something for everybody and then some

Healthy eating…….

With many people trying to keep to their New Years resolutions of healthy eating, a story from thedailymeal.com about salad, was one of the first stories to catch my eye. A newspaper in Sweden called in the bomb squad when a suspicious package was left on the steps of its offices. The contents were discovered to be harmless salad leaves, only after a remote detonation had happened.

Full story here: The Daily Meal

Hashtagging on Twitter & Instagram

For those not really in the know, a hashtag (#) is something akin to a label originating on Twitter, but is now used on others such as Facebook, Instagram & Ello (Yes, I’m on there now as well 🙂 ). It makes it easy to target a specific tweet to a group of interested people, who may not be necessarily following you, ie:

#Chefs auctions are still up & running: ow.ly/Hzk6u looking to re-home some of my knives that are no longer required #Hospitality

So this tweet is aimed at both Chefs & those in the Hospitality sector, who may have a list set up to read tweets for those particular hashtags. A hashtag can also be used ironically, ie:

@AngryBritain you not been playing nice? #NeverMind

But when chefs use 6 hashtags with no discernible use or meaning then it just becomes embarrassing, which prompted this tweet:

Oh dear, a particular #chef needs to go on a #socialmedia #course. 6 #hashtags for 1 #picture = #Fail

Legal bill – Part 1

I think that many of you will have read about this story. Gordon Ramsay losing his legal battle with his Father-in-law, over the use of a ghost writing machine that was allegedly use to sign him up as a personal guarantor, for the rent on one of his London pubs. The apparent cost, an estimated £1,000,000

This now makes you wonder if Ramsay actually signs any of his own merchandise, as there use to be a page on his website where you could buy signed books. This has now been replaced by a link to a page on Amazon.

Legal bill – Part 2

As revealed on chefhermes.com back at the start of December, the termination of Steven Saunder’s Silverstone Hospitality contract at the world famous circuit. Now, the Daily Telegraph has revealed much more to the story, which could potentially leave Silverstone potentially facing a £4,000,000 legal bill.

After I posted my original story, Mr Saunders (who had refuse to comment on the story), kindly sent me a message via Facebook, enjoy:

steven saunders

Just something to bear in mind for those you that want to send me hate mail via messages & tweets, I save them for a rainy day.

Full story here: The Daily Telegraph

Surprise sources of 5 a day

This natty article appeared in on of the ‘Red tops’ this week, and appeared to be trying to give helpful diet advice about getting your ‘5 a day’ quote. The problem as I see it is that whilst having a diet consisting of, amongst others:

  • Dorritos mild salsa
  • Subway sandwich
  • Sainsbury’s be good to yourself guacamole
  • Heinz cream of tomato soup
  • Heinz baked beans ( reduced salt & sugar)

is this. The bulk of this list is processed food, and this ties in nicely with something else which appeared on Twitter in the past week.

twitter cheap food

Courtesy of Twitter user @Malinazon

Just something to ponder really.

Full story here: Daily Mirror

New restaurant for the Roux dynasty, in an unlikely location…

Yes, it appears that the family that first brought 3Michelin stars to the UK are going to open a new restaurant in….

….Brentwood, Essex. Yep, the location for the ITV show TOWIE (The Only Way Is Essex), is apparently going to be the next step in the Roux dynasty’s empire, according to the Brentwood Gazette.

Full story here: The Brentwood Gazette

Chefs on Twitter

This week has seen some remarkable things being aired on the social network Twitter.

There was the almost relentless pursuit of the serial restaurant opener Michael Riemenschneider by various ex-staff & girlfriends. I does seem that time has run out in the UK for Riemenschneider, who has gather the reputation for closing decent restaurants & yet dubiously claiming credit for their achievements. One user even went as far as to claim:

I & others have reported him 2 police 4 suspected fraud, but it seems he continues to con

It maybe something that I look at in future as a post, possibly along the lines of an investigative post, like the James Stocks post.

In other chef related news, a story which I’ve been sitting on final got broken by another website. The former Michelin starred chef Robert Thompson has left The George after less than a year. Sources seemed cagey to talk about what has actually happened, so soon into what was clearly a long term project. A successor has already been named.


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