Blunos in Bath closes

After being open a relatively short period of time it appears that Martin Blunos’ eponymous restaurant has closed.

There have been rumblings about the gradual breakdown of the working relationship between Blunos & the Hotel’s owner, Bristol based Seasons Holidays, now it seems that things have come to a head.

Blunos was believed to be employed as a member of staff, along with being on a bonus related system, rather than any equity or shareholding in the Blunos restaurant.

Sadly, it means that what was once a thriving business, receiving great reviews (including one from this site – Blunos review), will now close and leave uncertainty for the staff whilst they’re on their post Christmas break.

The following day after our meal, I spoke to Blunos about the plans for going forward in Bath and he seemed genuinely excited by the project, and what the future held in store. Now it seems that irreconcilable differences have forced the closure.

Speaking to The Bath Cronicle, Blunos said at the announcement of the restaurant:

The owner decided to close the restaurant, a decision that was nothing to do with me.

I’m saddened to see that what was potentially a great business is no longer operating.

We were packed and receiving brilliant reviews and had an efficient team delivering a good product which was proving to be hugely popular with the people of Bath. However, I wish the owner every success with whatever direction he has chosen to go with the premises.

Martin Blunos made his name with Lettonie, initially in Bristol, then rehousing it in Bath, gathering 2Michelin stars in the process. He was synonymous with the ‘Egg & Soldiers’ pre-dessert, for which he devised for a Valentines day menu.

blunos - pre dessert

Blunos – Boiled Egg & Soldiers

I personally would to wish Martin & his team all the best for the future, what ever they may chose.

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