What ChefHermes has planned for National chocolate week.

October 13th to 19th is National chocolate week in the UK, and so subsequently ChefHermes.com will be doing a series of posts all week to celebrate, what is arguably the most desirable food in the world.

To whet your appetite, this is what can you expect for National chocolate week. I’ll be posting some classics such as the”Marco Pierre White” Chocolate tart & the ultimate brownie (which already appear on the site); coupled with twists on the classics such as caramel centred cookies, blondies chocolate crème brûlée and more besides.

To help try & tie in with National chocolate week, Callebaut have done a recent survey to help chefs promote their dessert offerings. This is backed up with a Twitter campaign (using the hashtag #ForTheLoveOfChoc or #FTLOC )& a website, which is definitely worth a visit for some inspiration: Callebaut – For the love of chocolate.

Robert Harrison, Sales Director, Callebaut explains:

 “The clear message coming through from this research is that caterers should be offering more chocolate desserts. We are a nation of chocolate lovers and people clearly want more options.

Chocolate infographic, National chocolate week

Header image & infographic courtesy of Callebaut Chocolate (on Twitter here) via Jellybean Creative, also on Twitter.

The recipes & dishes used on ChefHermes.com for National chocolate week, I’ve used samples sent from Callebaut chocolate, no payment has been received to promote their products.

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