Chefs!!! So you want to be in the guide books?

One of the most frequently asked questions in recent times from chefs, is:

How do I get a listing in the guide books?

So Ive decided to contact all the major guides & find out how to go about getting an inclusion. I’ll also include their relevent social media accounts, but please don’t go harassing them, the whole point of this exercise is getting people to use the prefered channels of communications.

Michelin UK.


Probably the most influential guide book in terms of gastro-tourism, gaining a star from Michelin can radically alter a restaurants fortunes. Michelin also award ‘Bib Gourmands’ for good meals at £28 for 3courses.

Inside the guide book:

  • Over 2200 eateries listed
  • 167 Starred restaurants ( 142 – 1*, 21 – 2* & 4 – 3*)

Their prefered method of contact is email, they’re looking for:

  • Details of the restaurant.
  • Brief background of the chef.
  • Maybe a sample menu

To contact them:

The Michelin Guide

Michelin Tyre Public Ltd Company

Maps & Guides

Hannay House

39 Clarendon Road, Watford, WD17 1JA


Twitter: @MichelinGuideUK

Good Food Guide.

In my opinion, the Good Food Guide is rapidly rising to become the 2nd most respected guide book, after Michelin, by chefs & the wider public. It is a far more accessible guide than Michelin & less controversial than some other guides, who may charge for extra visits.

Their prefered method of contact is email, they’re looking for:

  • Visitors of the restaurants to contact the guide directly, this in turn may get enough attention for an inspector to visit.
  • There is more guidance, via their website: The Good Food Guide.

To contact them, email only:


Twitter: @GoodFoodGuideUK

The AA Restaurant Guide.

AA guides

Over recent years the AA has been plagued by the criticism of turning consulting inspections into an art form. The AA have also started to move the rosette scheme to solely about the food, rather than the total dining experience, as it use to be. Fortunately they’ve released this handy PDF for the industry to explain the system:


Click to download PDF

Inside the guide book:

  1. Restaurant guide has 2200 entries
  2. Top 10% make up the 3/4/5 rosette categories.
  3. 1 & 2 rosettes announced during visit.
  4. 3 &4 rosettes never announced during visit, but twice a year (September & the following January) after agreement from committee.
  5. 5 rosettes only ever announced in September.

What they’re looking for:

  • Head chef CV.
  • Selection of menus.
  • Wine list.
  • Any press clippings.
  • Other award information

To contact them:

 AA Hotel Services Customer Support

AA Hotel Services

T: 01256 844455

F:  01256 491647


Twitter: @AAHospitality


Harden’s is a restaurant survey, over an inspector, based guide. They claim to have about 100,000 reports submitted for about 3,000 restaurants.

Richard Harden said to ChefHermes:

We will also consider for listing on the website – but not, initially at least, a review – from restaurants which send us basic details about themselves…

and continued to say:

The last way is ‘enhanced listings’ which will soon be available on our website; restaurants will pay for these, but in exchange will have much more spade and flexibility to flesh out their entries.

Harden’s preferred way of being contacted is via e-mail, what they’re looking for is:

  • Restaurant details.
  • Opening times
  • Photo
  • Brief outline on chef & restaurant

To contact them:

Harden’s Limited,

Golden Cross House,

8 Duncannon Street,

London WC2N 4JF



Twitter: @HardensBites


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