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Whilst there have been a couple of food festivals already this year, February is were it really starts. Karen Northcote from The Ship Inn in Rye emailed the blog to remind me about Rye Bay Sallop Week. This is the sort of food related fun festival which I want to […]

A preview for February

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In a time of austerity one could be forgiven for thinking that everybody would be tightening their belts. But over the pass two weeks or so, there has been a level of food madness I just struggle with. Towards the latter part of 2012 there were reports coming through the media, […]

Food Madness!!!!

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I remember (back in the day) when my best mate, who works for a multi-national IT company, said to me “get involved with this, it’s the next big thing”. Being a bit of geek, although this has now increased as time has gone on, I took a look. I was […]

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