5 Questions

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This edition of ‘5Questions’comes from a long time employee of Michel Roux snr. Mark Dodson was 18 years at the Waterside at Bray, during his tenure at the stoves The Waterside received the ultimate accolade from Michelin. In 1985 after 8years on two Michelin stars, three duly arrived and have […]

Words of Advice ~ Mark Dodson

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There comes a time when you meet people who are, despite what they have achieved or who they have worked for are so modest and approachable that it came as quite a shock. Despite being Marco Pierre White’s former Head Chef at ‘Oakroom Marco Pierre White’  at the pinnacle of […]

Words of Advice ~ Chris Staines

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Whist in the past the ‘5Questions‘ have concentrated on Michelin starred chefs, occasionally it’s worth while having a look at other chefs in the restaurant sector. This post comes from a chef who made his name from winning the BBC programme Masterchef in 2009 & and subsequently opening his own […]

Words of Advice ~ Mat Follas

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With the blog rapidly approaching it’s first birthday we’ve had a bit of a rethink as to how we structure the posts and their content. First up for review was the chef’s ‘5Questions’. In the past they have come from chefs who are predominantly Michelin starred. There have been exceptions […]

Words of Advice ~ Johnnie Mountain